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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Annyeong! i'm back to here again. Since i got plenty of story to share so why not i'm share it on here with you ^^.. ok i'll share 2 stories here. And it's all about Korean..again! hahaha..my Korean syndrome are back so i need to keep myself like this. I can't control myself especially with my Kim Hyun Joong! ok, i don't want you guys to keep waiting.. so let's go and share the story! 

Here, i want to share to you guys about my favourite Korean actors! basically, i love to watch Korean drama! sanggup beli the Dvds semata-mata nak lihat our favourite korean actors! i think when i watch Kdrama ni i always feel in love especially the story! sometimes, boleh release my tension and ketawa seorang-orang. Hehe..saya ni jenis sanggup duduk berjam-jam so i feel comfortable bila lihat my favourite actors beraksi.. and it kill my boredom and time.. LOL! Then, Kdrama yang saya lihat ni mostly yang jenis tough, action and romantic comedy too. However i feel uneasy bila lihat Kdrama thriller you know hantu apa benda lah..tapi i heard one of this Kdrama called 'Vampire Prosecutor' but i don't know what is it about..belum check kat Youtube tapi dah rasa suka lah! i knew the actor so i should try! lagipun it's a Vampire! All right stop talking.. i should tell you guys about my favourite Korean actors..shall we? :D  


Hmmm.. ini dia!! hahaha..i think i don't have to put him in my list since i already head over heels over him! So dia out of this category! I love him but i shouldn't! naaahh.. he's the best among the best in this whole planet. Tak sanggup compare with the other actors! he can sing, act, dance, composing and designing! bla..bla..bla i mean what could possibly other Korean actors can do like him? NO! he's unique! he's unpredictable! he's superb!4D personalities! gahhhh! i don't know lahhh..he's one of the kind! Ok, Atykah do not describing of him lebih2..LOL! nobody perfect ok!he also won so many awards! his loyal fans willing to support him up and down! dia ada loyal fans that you called 'HANECIA' pretty name for a pretty fans of Kim Hyun Joong! i want to join this hanecian things, but i don't know! too many works to do haha..Ok with this pretty face like him, i shall see how many loyal fans of Kim Hyun Joong will be support and love him forever? ME! ME! ME! XD

You know, my favourite Korean drama by Kim Hyun Joong is 'Playful Kiss'? i especially adores with his awkward scene with the lead actress.. so cute! ok lah Kim Hyun Joong sshi..don't worry we'll not run from you but keep supporting you from the back! Geez, it so difficult to meet him.. :S i never meet any of my favourite Korean actors yet! owww.. pity of you T.T Damn! hahaha :p

[NOW i'm present to all of you my favourite Korean actors in 2011]
I am personally NOT going to put numbers whose the best among of them..i'm not bad ok! :P

Weeee... siapa kenal this guy? you know TVXQ/DBSK? If you knew, put your hands up! hehe.. this man is KIM JAE JOONG! he's not longer with TVXQ but now he join a group called 'JYJ' wahh i swear i love this guy! he got an angelic voice like you never heard before even the baby voice..hehe..mula2 lihat dia fuh, i don't remember when! Ermmmm..bila eh? i think when i watch a movie by him 'Letters from heaven' is it? lupaaa...damn you memory! ishhh... so i fell in love with him but not the first sight! hahaha..and he act at the latest Kdrama 'protect the boss' best cerita ni! he's a good kisser :P and he also can be a good boyfriend.. ^^' I also heard and saw him singing! not bad. he got a high tones..he can scream real bad! and also he loves cat! i knew this from his twitter.. kucing dia warna hitam! isn't it?  hehe.. oh yes he got a beautiful and charming smile..i adore you Jae Joong sshi!~ keep up of your good works with Junsu and Yoochun ^^~

After that, this one!! this is.... 'LEE JIN WOOK' waaaaaaaaaaahh.. do you know this is my dream guy? belum lagi kalau dia pakai spectacles..pheww! i knew him from an action Kdrama 'Myung Wol The spy' he's a real badass! punch me dude! he got a killing smile too..ahh! i don't know what to describe! belum tahu banyak tentang dia but then one day jebal i want you to be in the lead actor! you'll good in it! oh yess one thing dia pernah bercinta dengan 'Choi Ji woo' for four years? then berpisah!~~ boring.. not the ending fairytales like they want! you can be with me then.. (stupid dream) :I  

Next, waaaaaaaaaaaahh i cried over him! my lovely, lovely actor 'JUNG IL WOO' damn! do you guys already watch Kdrama '49 days?' siapa yang pernah think positive. He's good right?! oh yeah!! he got a sense of humor! i always laugh! he's latest Kdrama is 'The Ramyum flower shop/boy' entah! lupa lagi! grrrrr...and one fact that i know about him is that he's closed friend is actor Lee Min Ho! awesome! kawan semasa sekolah kan? bagus lah diaorang eventually both of them get into an acting! haha.. :D

I grab this photo from his official twitter! LOL! cheosonghamnida 'KANG JI HWAN' sshi!!~ you looks good in it! the reflection is too sexy for you..hahaha..ok wow! this actor, i don't know lah..urmm i first saw him at Kdrama 'Lie To Me' with Yoo Eun Hye..dammit! i love cola kiss scene! a good kisser. btw! hehe.. he's damn evil too me..i mean only in his drama but i know deep down in his heart he is the most charming guy ever! ok just take that as an extra point of compliment! :D And then the 2nd Kdrama i watch is 'Coffee Prince' baru je habis lihat cerita ni yesterday night! best cerita ni! he's witty and bad! meOOooowww!~~ 

And the last Korean actor that i love is 'NO MIN WOO' i love the fact when Korean names had an O in their name. I can simply doing like this: Wooooooooooooooo! or Kim Hyun Jooooooooong! hahahaha..ok back to the story! No Min Woo..hmm..who is he? well i knew him from Kdrama 'My girlfriend is a Gumiho' as a second lead actor! i love his seductive expression! when he's mad! wow! i fell in love with most of that! and yes.. he will act in a new kdrama 'Full house 2' as a lead actor! yipeee! good news tapi watak as a cold-blooded man! memang sesuai watak tu dengan dia even though Full House 1 by Rain b is more better than him, indeed! XD

Finally, dah selesai! panjangnya.. i can't simply imagine how long it could take to describe my favourite Korean actors! not only them..banyak lagi weeeeii... 'Choi Si Won(Super Junior), Lee Dong Wook, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Ki woo, Hyun Bin, Won Bin, Eric and mooooooooore!! 
So thats it! i want to update my 2nd story after this.. ^^,


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