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Friday, February 17, 2012

Hi my alien chingu! Miss me? Miss my story? and i'm back!

hey look at my blog! new skins in February heh! i just want to change my mood since this kind of template we can see it through phone unkind of my last skin which is a bit messy. It can only best view from google chrome! it's a nightmare! but now oh yeah! however i don't think the phone can open the 'stories' 'neugu' 'chingu'... thats ok though! at least you can read my post ^^

today post i just want to share as what i saw and read last week article about Korea.. but seriously it is from Malay blog so i don't know if my followers can read in Malay. and also i admit it i'm NOT really that good in English which is okay.. what am i going to do? hahaha..

we'll see...

i took this article from [SHAZRIZAL SHAHMY BLOG] you can simply click his name..it will bring you to his blog! the way he wrotes was a bit Malaysian style. Luckily, i'm understand everything.. and it's a bit funny and strange too because some of the facts aren't true! well it's just only my opinion!
(sorry to the owner of the blog)

Let's check it out together...

Beza Orang Minat dan Fanatik Artis Korea
( the differences between the people who like and Fanatic over Kpop)

The people who're LIKE Kpop

*Tahu kumpulan korea yang popular kat Malaysia jerk macam Super Junior dan Wonder girl..lepastu tak tahu nama ahli kumpulan tersebut.
(Some people who only LIKE kpop they just familiar with certain of popular groups from Korea eg Super Junior and Wonder girl. I admit it! even my sister she only knew 'Bae Yong Jun' and 'Lee Min Ho' and the rest was like 'who the hell is that?' can you find the different?)

*Kalau ada cerita korea..nak yang ada subtiltle melayu...kalau english, tak nak tengok
(This is very hard! Only in Malay subtitle? well maybe.I don't know about this fact! i don't even examine this yet but probably some of people did this)

*Tak suka tengok Citer korea secara Online
(F*ck streaming is annoying.. even to those who obsessed with Korean dramas some of them prefer buy the dvds even myself! hahaha.. wrong fact la this one. I think to those who  LIKE kpop they love to see Korean drama from TV instead of buying the expensive dvds isn't it? if the channel provide the best korean drama, they will watch it till the end eg my parents!! they love to watch Korean drama at RTB(our local tv channel)  everyday at 8pm! ^^  )

*Nak dengar lagu korea yang best jerk...Yang tak best, dipinggirkan..

(do they love 'Mr simple' from Super Junior? oh yes! do they listen any songs from Gummy, Ailee, Joo or M signal? i don't think so.. so i think this quite ok to me)

*Dengor Radio lagi baik daripada beli CD dan DVD K-pop

(yes! yes! yes! i don't want to waste any of my precious money hehehe.. TV, Radio serve the best for those who LIKE kpop only)

*kalau jumpa orang korea nak cari yang hensem dan cantik serta berharta jerk..yang tak hensem boleh bla!!
(is it? pity to unattractive people laa! i though the people who LIKE Kpop can accept the ugly one too asalkan dia KOREA! My cousin told me that all Korean normal people beside the celebrity actually is really attractive. So what happened?)

*Kalau ada orang kutuk-kutuk Artis korea..dia just diam dan ketawa..

(Fighting is not really good! even in website.. people see what you write! so the those who LIKE kpop behaviour very well hehehe)

*majalah dan buku K-pop dan semua tentang korea dipinggirkan

(Right! this is so true! my sister LIKE kpop but she doesn't buy any magazine that relate with Kpop because we need money right?)

The End for the part of those who LIKE kpop facts... and let's see to those who're OBSESSED over Kpop which is the categories of mine.. we'll look and judge either it true or not.. so readers! are you ready? ^^

The people who're FANATIC Kpop

*Kalau sebut Kumpulan korea...semua tahu..Beast,Suju,Big Bang,T-ra,SnSd blah,bla,bla sampai besok pun tak habis lagi
(oh surprised! this is really me.. i'm not only familiar with one specific korean groups and singer. I know 75% of them only..I know SS501, 2PM, 2AM, JYJ, TVXQ, SHINHWA, ZE:A, BLOCK B, CHAOS, B.A.P, KIM HYUN JOONG, JAY PARK, TAEYANG etc etc etc ok 43875139-18118435=_______ . I don't know! calculator please! hahahahaha omggosssh!)

*Suka sangat tengok Drama korea..paham atau tidak...janji tengok..(ape ke sengal!!)...
(eh eh this is really important to me you know.. since i'm not really good in Korean romanize or the way how they pronoun it, i still don't get what it is. I knew the basic word only.. subtitle is A MUST ok..it feel awkward without any translation if we don't get it what the hell they saying.. kalau takde subtitle sengal juga. I got this SS501 in USA dvd and the subtitle is in Japan ONLY! then it so annoying that i'm not able to understand it.. so sad too and i don't want to watch it again.. T___T)

*Tahu lagu baru Artis2 korea ni..lebih tahu dari penerbit lagu baru tersebut...
(i got Twitter and i followed 'allkpop', 'soompi', 'nangin', 'koreaboo', 'gokpop' so any latest news we just simply read it from them.. right? so i even know lagu penerbit tersebut if they tell me who he/she is LOL!)

*Kalau boleh nak belajar bahasa Korea..beli kamus korea edisi terkini..nak cakap korea...kononnya dia dapat berlakon drama bersama artis korea kegemarannya..
(i bought Korean dictionaries.. yes, i admit it! hahahaha.. i learn it step by step but only the basis life words eg Anneyong hysayo- Hi Je iremuen- My name is Wae- why etc etc etc i can't think any.. major headache already.. keep writing come on.. tapikan tak lah sampai nak berlakon dengan my favorite korean actor. That is stupid! ^^'')

*Kalau jumpa mamat korea..cepat-cepat mintak kawin..tak kiralah mamat tu selekeh atau muka macam mat bangla...janji dia korea...

(wtf! THIS IS WRONG! i don't want to get marry with any Korean people even how attractive, wonderful, amazing and ugly he is!!! i mean let's think about 'religion' i'm a muslim and they're christian which is wow... NO! NO! unless if he is Korean-muslim YES! Hahahaha... but we seldom meet muslim-korean people nowadays.. so sad! well how about my upcoming boyfriend till husband love Korean drama or Kpop like me..we share the same hobby! isn't it romantic, cute and cool? yeahhh!)

*harapan yang tinggi untuk melancong ke Negeri Korea
(Yes! yes! i been planning this since i was at middle school in the bus with my only friend, Azierah. So this is our first bucketlist hehehe... it true right zirah? we'll get to see Jeju Island and all the beautiful places like we watch all the places from Korean dramas hehehe and are we going to see RainB too? ^^) 

*Habiskan Duit beli majalah gosip2 korea ni..

(-____________________________________- only if Kim Hyun Joong in front cover!) 

*Semua lagu korea dia hafal..lancar pulak tu..tapi satu apa pun tak paham!!

(Even in Japanese version too.. who cares.. hafal tak hafal upside down ke lirik dia.. janji irama betul.. isn't it? but i'm always trying harder to sing it correctly)

*Kalau orang kutok pasal Artis Korea...dia akan mengamuk!

(i'm usually feel angry when they hates Kpop so much! theres anti Kpop everyehere! i don't understand why! to me thats ok..that their problem NOT to like Kpop.. i don't have any guts to say anything that hates them.. we can't force people to like Kpop right? whatever! mengamuk tu? hahahhaha that beyond over dramatic)

Theres actually more facts about the people who're obsessed over Kpop like me.. but since my brain already tired and i need foods right now.. i'll share another post if i got time and idea what to write..
so that it! i don't know if you're agree some of my opinion but i hope you enjoy it!

Gomowo!! ^^''


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