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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

hi aliens, monsters, human and animals..i'm finally back! miss me? i think i'm not quite active in the month of APRIL..everybody wondering where am i going. is she die? or is she busy with her works..well i am NOT actually.I was only resting my mind b/c i got no IDEA what to write! poor me isn't it? but now i'm 100% back and i want to write and share something to you all!!

on the previous month i was so gloomy to do something amazingly to be proud off. I wasted my life just like that! i watch Korean Drama a lot baby! i can't handle it.... and yes i still Kim Hyun Joong's boyfriend.. hahahaha.. i'm just joking around. LOL. And yes beside Kdrama i watch 'PRETTY LITTLE LIARS' damn i love this american tv series. I am a big fans of the series.. the mystery solve when we know who 'A' is!! Look at that photo! i love four of them. Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hannah :) besides that i love IAN HARDING a.k.a EZRA FITZ(go find via google by yourself) hahahahaha xD

From left: Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hannah.

For the time being i dunno what to write anymore.. i kind of out of an idea right now. sorry. hehehe :) however, you can take a look all the quotes that i share to you at below.. i took that mostly from tumblr...
happythingstumblr. it such an amazing tumblr that share you with all those million quotes... u will love it.. so enjoy all the moment that i post here.

this one gave me an idea to do something that i never did before.. u will see this at my next post. stay tune.

FIGHTINGGGG!!! all the best...^^


1. I did a LOT of stupid things- i always did :P
2. SLEEP- i love to sleep duh!
3. Good MEMORIES- I don't have this one yet...
4. WASTED time on the internet- well phone too..
5. STRESS- why should i??

who doesn't love all the quotes. i do. i love it! :) so enjoy while you can everyone because as what i said 'we live for only one time' so grab the awesomeness opportunities to make all your dream come true... i actually want to meet KIM HYUN JOONG.. Oh this guy always make my heart  fluttering.. i die each day for him. but he doesn't even realize how strong my love to him.. Hyun Joong do you hear what i'm saying? hahahaha *crazy fangirl again*

HJ: can i kiss you?
Me: why should i kiss u, i don't even know you
HJ: because i love you and i want you
Me: oh yeah!!

hahahahahahaha... ignore of my 4Dness weird conversation.. wtf!!!! *fly over the ocean* xP

ok thats all....



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