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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Assalammualaikum to all my readers outside there!!~ sorry that i haven't update anything since on March is it? as usual i been really busy with my new life. I got a life that it happen to be a drastically change. As usual you knew that i love Kpop ages ago but now i keep reducing it slowly.. bla.bla.bla.bla.bla.bla. dah cakap benda yg sama at my last post hehe.. 

So i wanna share whatever things i had done today. Weee. Life has to move on even though i miss a certain person in my life.. whatever yes? Its difficult to say anyway hahaha. Tapi yg penting i felt miserable and lonely. He being tortures my heart day by day and i can't do anything with it. Oh Allah, i still or maybe like him.. ada perasaan sayang inside my littlest fragile heart. However, he's not so interested with me anymore. I had been hurt him after all. So why should i seek of his little care of his shadow if i hurt his heart. So, we should forget and forgive. You know u are lucky enough to get to know me because i never want anything from u or even revenge to u. So let's end everything. You and me ♡♡

Oh yeaahh look what i did today! It's full of fun things to do. Dady plans this for the whole weeks just because the kids which is my nephews and nieces stayed at here( our home at Tutong ). So dady set up everything... poor dady he works very hard for this. However, it was amazing thing to do. At least by these activities can reduce my anxiety and boredom at home. Hehe. I watch and download "revenge" tv series for the whole and everyday. I think i might love the series already. Before it i download pretty little liars season 3 but it not complete yet. Probably need to wait for the next episode that will air on 8th January next yr. LOL. Ok i becoming a downloader addicted :D whatever. As long as its a fun thing to do yes i do what i want to do.

My recent activities are??? ok i went to Pantai Seri Kenangan beach with my family!~ i miss all the sun, saltwater, sandcastle, seashells and woods. So i get to see all of them in the afternoon. Siuuukkk. I dun played the sands and all. Just takin picture of them. You can see. Haha. Its a funny thing i put all the firecracker everywhere... thought it was a night cracker but it's actually not. Bunga api di pagi hari kekeke.  

While that the most favourite thing that dady like to do was cooking. Dady likes to cook very much. Sanggup bawa tambak, kuali kecik, minyak etc then goreng tompi! Damn, tompi yg dady buat soooo delicious. Dad cooked wad the best... he is the best. I should learn from him tapi malas. Haha. Saya perempuan yg kdg2 pemalas. Oh yes guys i'm not that a good cook. Huhu., what kind of species i am? So kalau nak calon husband please masak kan lah untuk isteri tersayang ni ek. Huahaha. Ok just kidding :P
Theres also my niece, Mariah Maisarah and my nephew, Izz. Aren't they cute? Hehe. Actually both of them can't get along. Well kalau ada mainan yg dua orang ani suka kdg2 jadi kelahi.. Izz suka menyakat Mariah that make Mariah cried about it.. hehe kanak2 jua lah ah. Love being a kid. Nothin much to think. However today both of them behaving very well. Share that sea-saw together.. take picture together but Mariah never look at the camera. She doesn't like to pose but still she's the beautiful one ♥

Tompi and Wantan soup (cooked by dady)

Mariah Maisarah and Muhammad Izz :D

Freedom is something that i love to do. I love doing something that i like to do. I think i'm different from the other bitchy and social girls that u ever known. I love doing things by myself. Love being immature sometime. I love my phone. I love to take photos. I like to read vampire books. I am a dreamy girl. I'm a jealous-type of person. I hate a friends who i think they didn't connect with me. I smile a lot hehe :D. I don't travel much. I still can't live without my parents. If i don't like something, i stop doing it. I listen to kpop, remix, hip hop songs (i change time to time. Depends on my mood) at last month i listen to indonesian songs by kerispatih. So i plan for not listen the damn songs again. I hate it anyway. I listen all my songs by using my beats obsession. I collect bangle that i never proud about it but i still love all of them. I love pink (sucks, but who cares) i am a behind little dady girl. I love hunting all the beautiful shoes. I love money. Hahaha. Who doesn't la kan. I love gadgets. I love samsung. Well iphone i don't know la it quite expensive. Theres nothin to show off. Duh iphone? I think i go for ipray 5 times a day. I love to go to Miri and never miss to visit popular bookstore. Damn i love all those books. Ok lastly is i love this one guy but he doesn't like me. So goodbye from now.

I guess this is all for today... will write another story here :) 
Hug and kisses ♥

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