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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm back.... now what to write and share? Nothin much but i still got this little story to share.. i went to Miri for 2nd time againnn... hahaha teruk kan pergi miri banyak kali. Sorry saya lebih suka berbelanja d negeri org luar. Hahaha. I bought sooo many things like usual. I shopped bags and shoes! Yups shoes again.. and fiction vampire books. Discount like hell. I ♥ it already hehe. I bought 6 books counting. Macam2 ada.. but most of dem were blood sucking vampire. Do u see the photos guys. That books sure make u so furious what is all about yeah? Me too.. i havent start reading yet. Well maybe i will start tonight.. will pick some random vampire book later ;)

OK what else can u see? Yups do u see me there.. it's TEABOX baby!! Damn i'm the number 1 fan of teabox.. crazzyyy! (He most favourite word for this month) hehe. Di mna pergi mesti teabox dulu lah. I love pearl milk tea.. sometime i go for pearl royal tea.. yg lain i never tried because i haven't get bored with those two yet.. and never get bored it lah. Luckily teabox serve at Boulevard miri. Superb!  :D

lastly is the shirt. It was a random shirt i spot at Giant Miri. The quotes saying 'single again but with experience' it capture my eyes since i'm single and i don't talk with him anymore. Yeah stupid crisis. I dun want to remember it. He actually doesn't like me. He rude to me. But well i unrespect him first time when it involvin his stupid privacy. You're so different. That kind of species that i ever met dude.. involving the privacy is a problem to u? Duh! What are u a mysterious vampire? Urmm fyi i doesn't care with u anymore lah. Once u hurts me i will go to the flow and start forgetting u even its hard to do. Urmm i will make it easy. Its not my problem anymore. Hehe. Nmpak sgt kan hati cepat berubah? Yups.. this is me! You make me like this lah dude. Time tells now that we will not spoken like we used to do... see Allah granted my wish. So goodbye my little friend. Sorry for hurting u so much. I wrote what i feel now. If u read this. Hancur musnah hati ini kerana mu. Should i write your name? Ohh you're the mysterious vampire. Since u been friend i never get anythin from u even i confessed that i like u. Once u said to me 'just keep the like goin, but don't hope too much' hoho... i hope too much from u lah but now it's completely gone. Better late than never ;)

Ok thats all from me yah? hopefully you guys will enjoy mine. Wait for my next story....

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