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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Assalammualaikum dear readers,

Sobahul Khair! writing early in the morning was something that i never did in January 2013 before. however, i feel glad because i still got the time to spend myself writing for my stunning and lovely blog. I miss you~!

i miss my blog..... everyday! hehe... true! i miss him in average even though we still haven't text with each other anymore. it doesn't take a month for not texting with him. i can handle everything though. the most trouble thing that happened in my daily life is just that 'i can't stop visiting his facebook profile' thinking like to know what is he doing now. macam satu kewajipan tah pulang bila meliat facebooknya setiap hari. i don't know what kind of remedy for this. i shouldn't do that kind of thing if i don't want to torture my heart. unconditionally i still can't stop thinking, loving, caring and praying for him. walau tah berapa kali ia sudah menyakitkan hatiku. i know he doesn't like me but at least hati perempuan tu di jaga bah. jangan kasar! ok... enough! hahaha this is one story that i can't stop sharing it in here. i can't move on without him in this blog. mesti cerita pasal ia jua ku tulis. i'm not being so creative when it comes about him. you know if we like someone we pray to ALLAH to get the answer from the Almighty. however, i still not sure yet either to hold this friendship and to expect more from him. pray and solat istikharah non stop... i'm not sure yet. macam belum ready wah. i still in dilemma either want to be with him or not or to be with someone new... phew! talking about new.. ok i think i like someone but i'm not sure if its him and not sure if my heart can put all over to him like i did to that 'before guy i'm with' kadang-kadang terfikir jua kan cari lain, tapi macam malas and i was like 'mencari atu bukan kerana bersedia, kerana rasa kesunyian' that's all... and i am a girl so why should i find this anonymous prince when ALLAH plan everything the best for me? why so desperate? am i lonely? or is it because i need friend to talk with? hmm... the answers are all from me =)

stop missing someone who not worth you at all... but i can't control myself! 

As what as this quotes said 'I WISH I COULD FORGET YOU.... like i forget everything i've studied seconds before an exam' yeah it's true... but i don't think so. example now! how can i forget you when i can't even help myself to forget you... i tried so many times like deleting all your Whatsapp messages, inbox and your numbers and i still in a process of deleting your Facebook, but it's hard to do it! i even't can't stop stalking his facebook EVERYDAY! like a morning paper... like daily basis.. macam satu kewajipan. kalau inda check macam lain lah hari ani, macam atu lah. well at least you safe and happy for being a loner, hot single man and kekasih gelap hahaha. sorry! well, at least i want you to be happy! and i pray that someday you will find someone who can be with you no matter who you are, that can put smile on your face, that can share happiness with you everyday, that can care you every day and forever and most importantly is that can be with you forever in Jannah...In sha Allah.  Amin! that was a pray from me because to let you go is the best thing to do. i can't force you to like me and even to be with you when your heart said no. you will always in my heart no matter who will come after you in my life. wow. cerita ani macam sudah lama berlaku. laugh out loud :P oh damn.... rasakan jumpa ia and talk! way in a deep conversation... Ya Allah.. give me something miracle for the last time between me and him.. at least meet him and talk.. why is it so complicated? sabar saja lah... doakan saja ia selamat dan sihat. In shaa Allah ada tu.. Allah kan Maha Mengetahui. HE knows what best for us... chill saja =D

OH YEAH..... in conclusion? ♥

''W O R R Y  L E S S :))))))))) M O R E'' thats what i need now.. jangan risau, ALLAH kan ada. apa lah nak dirisaukan.. jangan terburu-buru. as what he always said 'chill saja' huhu.. sometime i hate that word but sometime i feel enthusiastic all the time by that word.. entah eh.. relax saja, jangan banyak fikir. hahaha. you know i like someone but i'm not sure if my heart said yes.. suka jua, inda jua. berbelah bahagi. haha. mungkin sebab masih berharap kan lelaki sebelumnya dan malas kan berharap yang baru. malas lah yang pentingnya. ok maybe because i was inbox with this new guy that i admirer with... then ia macam ignoring lah. ia balas my inbox. speedy! tapi dalam inbox atu nothing special lah macam i text with that other guy. so malas lah lagi kan terasi-asi nya orang. biar tia. life has to go on and on... just let it go!~ chill saja hahaha. sasak orang eh!~ :D

ok... urr let's change topic before i go eh. how is my university life? Alhamdulillah everything is went well. so many good and bad old memories. sakit yang terpendam tu just let all go.. i don't care. i don't pissed your life to get the attention.. sometimes seniors are sucks! well not majority of them. some! happy memories. entah ah. i always forgot kalau ada perkara yang mengembirakan atu ah. selalunya yang sakit dan pedih lah yang selalu teringat. weird! :/ hmmm.. my assignments is so far so good. i still haven't do my presentation yet. soon is enough in shaa Allah. bittaufiq wannajah ^^d and we will get busy marching for our national day. i hate it when we involve this kind of thing. panas waaaaah! i will buy sun block later... the most important thing is semoga berjalan dengan lancar. we will get busy by rehearsal everyday! kengalihan ni karang semua. and then cuci baju pun ada yang 'ter' paksa ni. ooooh my! semoga dipermudahkan.. be strong! 

all right thats all.. i haven't take my breakfast yet. hohoho..

until see you again
xoxo~ every bit of my heart, you are always the one i love ;-) 


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♥just smile
11:24 AM

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers,

one word: SAD!

i'm in a process of move on now. yes. move on for good. my heart totally throb by this guy name QAS! Apabila kitani menyukai seseorang dan ia inda inda suka sama kitani so the best thing to do is to let him go for good even though how hurts it is. (sigh) why is this happen to me? unlucky isn't it.. sabar sajalah. bukan  seperti dulu lagi. he totally changed drastically. he doesn't want to talk with me again. I guess he doesn't interested to talk with me again. oh yes do i not tell you that i throw all his numbers in my phone. this is just a beginning. it might that i will throw all his messages that we had before in Facebook inbox. that was the first time i friend with him and will be the last messages that i will throw away! i know i still couldn't control myself for thinking and finding him because he is the one i want to be with. i'm expected that we got the chance to be together. however ALLAH knows better. Allah lebih tahu perkara-perkara yang tersembunyi. Allah lebih tahu apa yang terbaik untuk hambanya. Allah lebih tahu hati seseorang hamba walaupun sedikit mana kitani sembunyikan. Allah lebih faham segala masalah yang terjadi arah kitani. ALLAH menguji sejauh mana kitani mampu menangani segala masalah yang dibaginya.Insyaa Allah aku sebagai manusia kena tabah menghadapi segalanya.

do u know what i'm doing besides writing? i'm listening to his new video cover. yes he sangs again which is i don't know what the reason behind it. my theory said that he maybe bored or he wants to test his guitar and sings skill again or he missed his ex girlfriend. i don't know and i don't want to know. the song was a bit slow and jiwang, macam orang putus cinta ada jua. atau merindui seseorang. more likely. i don't even care for both of the theories. for you that i hope you will be the most happiest guy in the whole world with the one you love. care her and don't hurts her like you did to me. even tah kitani dulu hanya bersahabat.. i know a little bit about u ok. and i don't even care at all! how many times does you hurts me? like maaaany! but biarkanlah..masatu sabar saja yang mampu aku lakukan sebab apa? sebab aku sayang ia. walaupun ia marah sebab kesalahan yang ku buat aku tetap sabar dan aku masih jua sayang ia. hargailah kalau ada orang yang kau cintai dan sayangi nanti...

ok i think thats all i want to say. i just want to let all out. sakit sangat bila move on banyak kali but i still can't stop thinking about him. i miss everything about him. well as my friend said to me that 'i deserve someone better' thank you to my friends who always be here with me. mendengar segala curhat yang sama sepanjang masa about the same person jualah ah. thank you Zatu and Ramona. The best girlfriends ever hehe. thank you for supporting me and the advises too. i really appreciate what you have done to me. and i will forget him once step at the time. Insyaa Allah. Yesterday i was just unfollow all his posts in my facebook but i'm not blocking him or what.. do you know that i plan to unfriend him but my heart said no.. and ok just go to the flow..

i should go now. i'm late for nothing :)

xoxo. goodbye old me and you.


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♥just smile
9:52 AM

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers,

the clock ticking very fast nowadays. maybe because i got so much things to do this lately! i been the most busiest girl in a whole world. hahaha. since i been selected as an AJK. i forgot what that stands for. screw me.. Ahli Jawatankuasa is it? hehe.. ia kali sudah tu..  ok readers what had i been doing today? As far as you know i been one of the AJK surau. maksudnya tu kena uruskan segala apa yang ada di surau masani. memantau jika ada masalah arah surau. you also have to involve everything about keugamaan. any kind of events. it's some kind of commitment that i should do best. this is what i always wanted actually. ALLAH granted my pray. ALHAMDULILLAH! hopefully i can do it every of the jobs they gave me. Semoga ALLAH merahmati dan memberi kemudahan atas segala perkara yang dilakukan. next will be on malam Ahad. Mengadakan majlis 'malidur rasul' so all events will be organize by of the AJK members. Insyaa Allah.  

All right. now will stories with you all about activities that i did today with my friends.. kami ada pertandingan saringan syarafil anam. hahaha. it's funny that we had our practice last night only for one night stand! crazy right? last minute was something that i'm not favourite at all~ paling inda suka last minit. sakit jua suara eh olehnya. i don't have much to tell of you all about this. buat persembahan ala kadar dan kami buat persembahan ni macam mengajut because kami peserta yang numbor satu.. seorang-seorang nervous.. i'm a little bit nervous tapi indalah banyak nervous since its a group performance. biasa sudah. i love to involve this kind of things... 

These is us. Wanita-wanita muslimah yang paling cute.. bakal pilihan mama ni nanti. Insyaa ALLAH. and bakal wanita-wanita yang berjaya dalam kehidupan as Ustazah. Amin. Semoga dipermudahkan. Amin! =D

From left: 

Kaka M, Razalina, Nana (our beautiful leader), Me (hahaha :p), Nasibah and Akmal ^^,

This is my true friends.. Zatu and Ramona. Masatu kan kuliah ni bagi tutorial 07 bahasa Arab with Dr. EL Rasyid. We almost late for class but over all Alhamdulillah masih sampat bergambar hehe. Apa2 pun kami sentiasa chill walaupun mengantuk. we still can put the most cutest smile ever. As long as you smile people will never take your happiness from it. you always can smile whenever you like. Senyum itu boleh menguatkan mentaliti dan jiwa. dan boleh jua meruntuhkan orang yang membenci kitani. from that if you smile hati akan rasa senang. Insya Allah =D

Hahaha.. this is one of the jobless thing that i ever did so far. I miss you!! awuuuu i miss him so much! i can't control myself for stop missing him! he is beyond of my controlling drug addict. walau macamana pun friendship kami turn out  for being awkward, harsh to a good one. i want to talk and miss him! banyak quotes sudah that i read telling that i should move on and stop thinking about him.. oh man! inda menjadi eh. kuat aura tu ah for him, masa kelmarin tuuuu i was doing this, and then malam atu... i'm misscall him!! the reason why i miss him so much... fortunately, he send a message and said give 'salam' iatah masatu i being the most happiest girl ever! siuuuuk text sama ia! even how hard this will be. Oh ALLAH i like him more than anything. for this mean time yups! and maybe forever. i will promise that i will never break your heart. tragic love story... Insyaa Allah. 

oh my... so sleepy while writing this..



''Everything that has happened in my life so far has led in a different direction. I'll keep driving until i reach the end of the road''

baby i'm done, i gotta sleep! 
it will be all right,

xoxo, can you hear my heartbeat?


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♥just smile
12:30 AM

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers,

i presence to all of you...

I been listing this phone as an awesome phone ever. Masatu I saw this phone at Laracorp instagram photo and tarus jatuh cinta with this phone. Memang lawaaaa banar2.. is been planning to buy this phone and sell my galaxy tab 2.7 phone now. The cost of the phone is around $600 up. Belum plang ada  specific date bila keluarnya  tapi  boleh booking the phone if you interested. Waaaaaaaaaaah.. maybe I will wait the price of the phone fix around $500 maybe?? Oh my Samsung gadget influence me the most! Surprise me! It’s funny that I’m not interested with iphone that much! Hahaha. Suka sama Samsung very much!
Ok as far as I read all the all products features the galaxy camera are mostly created for camera! You take photo with it. Sebab tu namanya galaxy camera. 2 in 1 phone u know. You even call, whatsapp and in the same time you can take photos with it. Tapi yang ani lagi hebat macam digital camera. Waaah! It making me goosebumps because of the unique style! Bukan2 wahh otak drg ani ah.. tapi seriously the only special thing about this camera is because of the similarly with the camera digital tapi yang lainnya phone ani ialah boleh make phone call, wireless and so on. Yes like what i said just now. balik2 jua lah ah kan di explain.. tapi. lagi banyak tapi nya ni hahaha. kesian jua kalau di jual my galaxy tab 2.7 atu. sebabnya it was a gift from my dady as my birthday present. nanti dady kecil hati.. i don't know how am i gonna beg about this at my dad. 
nanti saja kali.. hahaha when the price drop indeed =D  

ok  i wanna share with all of you that today morning we got our class for the first time in January. We had our English Language 2. This year might be the most challenging subjects of all. We got the thing that you called speech and talk in front of your friends and present it to all of your friends. oh yes not to forget that you need to speak in English. atu banaarr. seriously i am not good with it. i still need to practice though. not that i'm all fear with all of this. Only afraid of being idealess what to talk after it. i will going to find something interesting for my topic. Ustazah will give the task to all of us on what to write and present. Phew! and yes Ustazah said this month and next month will be the busiest day ever. kami mengadakan sesi latihan untuk hari kebangsaan. atu naaaar. ok! we will stand under the hot sun.. so i might be get ready with my SUN BLOCK with high SPF! takuttttt hitammmm... --""

This is us at class B1:04! we had our English language with Ustazah Hjh Saadiah. kami semangat banar. this semester seorang2 dah ada aim what to target. this 2nd year semester will be the most challenging ever. so we must get ready at least by now. how about me? yes!! i am ready for all of this but sometime the laziness couldn't resist after all. macamana kan tu? so i must fight to get the best result in the end of our exam right? well at least i got a high PNGK for my result. I mean more than what i'm achieve last year. Insyaa Allah. Masani we actually should be ready for memorize all the Surah al-Baqarah from ayat 1-48! Sebenarnyalah ah. tapi what i see as perspective of my own self  that i'm not too worry about it yet. Astagfirullahalazim! hafazan is something that i should work hard for it. mun surah yang lain lagi alum master banar apatah lagi surau panjang macamani. Ya ALLAH permudahkan segalanya. I can do it. Do this for ALLAH. Ilmu ani lebih bermanfaat. so as a student that will be as the next generation must work hard for this. Aja Aja Fighting. Bittaufiq wanajjah =) 

waaaaa. i miss them so much. this is me with umi and zyrah. they're my bestiee since primary school! we had been a good friends since now. these pictures are when we took it together during one month holiday. kami hang out together. we had our late breakfast at Excapade. i treated them since masatu elaun kupusb keluar dah hehe. so excited eh jumpa durang.. we laugh and share stories together. we even go shopping together! apa lagi? we hang out at Jerudong Park too!~~ banyak bergambar jualah ah sebab kami semua ni photogenic bah. oh yes not to forget we went for window shopping for make up. we went to ETUDE and Holika Holika. i love ETUDE so much! i bought the eyeliners there sebab murah compare with Silky girl! so i'm fell in love with Etude now ^^ i miss this moment so much. Manakan inda we haven't meet for almost 3 years already! then i decide that we should hang out like this 5 years from now. Hahaha. bila semua sudah kahwin. then we going to window shopping all the mommy' stuff together. HAHAHAHA. i can't yet imagine how funny it will be. Adakah. macam-macam saja. Insyaa Allah if one of us will get marry we will invited  each other and vice versa. Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for being with me whenever i needed you girls the most. You girls will always be my friends dunia dan akhirat. Insyaa Allah. Semoga kitani berjaya                                                                                                                                                   menumpuhi alam universiti and in the future will be the most part of our life. We can do it! 

9th January 2013
Not to forget.... a special greeting goes to my friend, Zyrah. happy birthday to you my dear friends. A pray for happiness for you with longevity and prosperity. I love you Zie. i never been so happy to be friend with you. i never regret for each day for having a special friend like you. Gomowo chingu!! wink! wink! ^^* ok that beautiful cupcake especially for my bestfriend, Azierah!~~ Enjoy that lovely cupcakes of yours. hehehe. lawaaaa! tukar-tukar warna bah cupcake nya. Love you zieeeeee. Take care whenever you are which i knew that you are not in Kedah. Enjoy your moment in Kedah ah.. we always pray for your safety. Semoga berjayaaa!~ You can do it =D


As far as i concern about myself is that i must be happy for myself even how hurts this heart had been! ok i being uncreative for writing about this again. makin kuat dilupakan, makin kuat ia datang dalam fikiran ani. terutamanya bila everything feels empty. mesti ia ada dalam fikiran. how to forget this? i  try to move on already but you know what i think i can't resist my temptation for visiting his FB profile! is that normal. However,  i threw all his messages in my whatsapp. i know it kinda harsh. if i rethink it buat apa jua difikirkan. i don't care anymore laaaa. daripada di simpan lebih baik di buang. end of story and thank you. so i love being happy!~ today: happy, tomorrow: happy, everyday: happy :)))) yang penting kosongkan jiwa ani dengan banyak beribadah and yes ingat lah ALLAH selalu. Insyaa Allah happy. Hahaha. Oh goodness i miss him actually. Atu memang perkara biasa kan.. whatever! rasakan dibagitahu arah ia that i miss him but it will be the most stupid thing that i ever do. All right. yang penting "buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih" to you Mr complicated guy ( i miss calling him his name that i created for him, well i will not going to tell you here. since that name was only for him. so it kinda special lah ah ) i shall pray for your happiness. don't think too much. soon you will get what you want for your whole life. less stress by breathe! and not to forget that you should smiling before it's too late QAS. "adakah saya punya harapan untuk mendapatkan kasih sayang daripadanya? walaupun saya tahu hati nya tidak semudah itu mengatakan sayang kerana kisah lamanya menghimpit segala rasa sayang itu terhadap yang lain. bolehkah dia memberi saya peluang untuk membuktikan betapa sayangnya saya kepadanya?" all right. is it too over reacting? hahaha. biarlah ALLAH yang menentukan segalanya. chill saja ahh!~ kalau ia boleh chill. i can chill too =D

40 minutes to go before our kuliah. kami ada kokurikulum this afternoon at 3! i don't spend myself sleeping but writing in my blog. since now i will write if theres wireless with me. and writing during my free time. you know i love to write right?? so see you again for my next post. thank you for spending your time here reading my blog. sorry for the mix up words. sekajab speaking. sekajab melayu. hahaha kebisaan bah ah. i am comfortable doing it. bah. i gotta go. i need to get ready before it's too late.

tell me, are you single ladies..dis..dis.. dis?
let's get started.

xoxo, lot's of the fishes in the tank! 


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♥just smile
2:28 PM

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers, how are you all doing today?

me?  i am super fine even how hard i'm try to be fine. Alhamdulillah at least i got friends here to comfort and being happy for who i am now rather be gloomy thinking of someone who doesn't worth any kind of penny from me! seriously it's kinda hurting me laaaa. hahaha pagi-pagi lagi kan bercurhat ni. awuu! malas jua kan bercurhat arah kawan. takut keboringan durang mendengar hahaha.

so the best thing to do is write in this blog and let it all go~! when it's hurt i can't even stop thinkin about it once in a while. however, i will try as HARD AS I CAN forgettin you from now on. why? giving up already? NOOO! i am not giving up over him yet. it just that LET IT BE. kalau macamatu cerita kami, macamatulah.. ALLAH only knews everything. so be happy. kalau dah jodoh tidak ke mana tu. if he can, i am surely can do it as what he could do! and more of it! so let it go this time. inda berbaloi memikirkan benda macamani ni. sakit saja hati ah. The quotes said "HARD TO MOVE ON, WHEN WHAT I FEEL IS THIS STRONG" hmmm.. yeahh maybe jua kaliahh. tapi i can move on ehh.. with the help of myself and pray. Memang kadang2 terbawa feeling yang ke jiwa ani. tapi we have to move on no matter what find something that worth to do rather than thinking and doing something that ended my life catastrophe. Allah inda suka lalai pasal benda remeh temeh ni. Hasutan syaitan. hehehe i will always trying to motivate myself so i can live longer and happy for all the time! whatever? =D

Hahaha luckily there is WIRELESS this morning and thinking to write as fast as i can.. so yups... as what this  photo said... LET IT GO! kalau ku dirumah ku buat ni macamani using my own hands because being creative is an awesome feeling... hehe :)) OK you know me more than reader. you know i'm frustrated over one of this complicated guy! so beyond whatever i think about him! so the best thing about letting everything go is deleting all his messages in my phone and his number phone too! mungkin kalau ku sasak jua ku remove tarus facebook nya! kalau sakit hati memikirkan pasal ia saja. hahaha  tapi pandai jua lah ah i reduce my feeling toward him. I CAN DO IT! i don't want to force myself in this situation unless if he talk with me first. well he ever said to me that "i don't think i'm text anyone first if theres nothing important to talk" i mean EGO juaa! banarrr.... tapi ia jua yang text kan dulu masa 3 days ago! WTF! kamu inda sakit hati kan tu? ok as a human being plus i am a girl i couldn't understand him at all. kenapaaa? because he doesn't let me to understand him! oh goodness i feel like i'm going to giving up everything about this stupid and foolish things that ever happen to me for whole life! sound giving up already ah.. walaupun tadi cakap inda fade up pasal ani. sedikit lah. ok do i sound mad at here? macam emosi ah... ok stop =P

I born to be smile. I like to smile to anyone i see. even tah with guys. i smile. That was the best feeling that i ever did to someone i don't know who i smile with. kan senyum itu satu sedekah. senyum itu amal. senyum itu adalah normal. some sort saying that when you smile, you always look beautiful. Menyamankan hati orang adalah satu sedekah to me pahala yang luar biasa yang ALLAH bagi. Alhamdulillah. ok it's 15 MINUTES LEFT! kan solat dhuha.. yes we have dhuha after this.. so i must write faster as i can.. bla..bla..bla.. smile like you've i never been hurt. thats it. simple yet its soo pretty to get it along. so when you read my post try to smile even someone throb your heart this morning. bukan buat kerja gila kalau putus cinta atau putus harapan kepada apa atau sesiapa ok. Trust Allah for everything. ok? =))

At last but not least...... 'THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES QAS' so QAS is his short name that i couldn't write his full name in here. you been such a goood friend to me. i never been regret saying that I LIKE YOU for this time. i still like you no matter what. Kalau ALLAH takdir that i will be with you, Insyaa Allah i will be the happiest human being after all. If i am not faith to be with you i shall pray for every happiness what you do. Forgive and forget the most easiest one in this whole life. daripada sakit hati lebih baik kita lupa dan maafkan segala perbuatan yang telah dia dan saya lakukan.. ALLAH shall give me an answer for every problem i got.. Thank you ALLAH =D


xoxo. i love all of you! 


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♥just smile
6:58 AM

Monday, January 7, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers,

i'm writing now at the hostel where i'm staying! luckily it got wireless here. so i take this opportunities to write! waaaaa unbelievable. hahaha so i need to write fast as i can because the wireless might be disappear anytime without further notice. toink! hey how was my Monday blues so far? oh man it's so damn tired! inda tahu kan cakap apa lagi daaaa... it was a very tiring day yet fun of course because i got to see my friends. talk and laugh as usual. i will talk further about what i did today morning later. ok do u know i was packing my stuff to bring it at the hostel... wanna see?? 

Tadaaaa... it was a very sad things to do! the moment when i don't want to leave home at all. macam kanak-kanak saja. banar juaaa tuu because one month di rumah i felt so comfortable. nothing to worry about. boleh bangun akhir lah terutamanya. hahaha. oh well like i always said 'life has to move on' hehe..you know mama was so furious at me because i brought my Bon the monkey along at the hostel. adakahh.. well maaa i can't live without him! bantal paluk ku tuuu.. ok now he's with me whenever i go. technically masa dalam hostel sajalah. indakan dibawa jua masa kuliah.. damn bagi maluuuu!!! there he is. sengaja inda meliatkan mukanya. i turn it at the other around. can you see his cute butt? Owww.. my monkey always the sexiest one. so Bon please behave ahh.. hostel is a very strict zone where theres so many scary stories. tahu2 sendirilah =)


this is my beautiful  BON and my hostel bed... just a simple things to do. i am not being so creative about this. still i look this as a messy one even though how many time i'm organize this already. hahaha. oh yes i usually sleep alone. no partner. be happy. i once got a partner before but she slept with someone else. not that i'm not ok with it. hahaha. she can sleep whenever she wants lah. i'm ok. nothing worst to get all those hurt feeling. dah biasa dalam keadaan bersendirian. you know the worst thing about this is when there is so  many ants crawling on my sheet. kenapa kah ya berhantu semut atuu?? i'm gonna find where all the ants stay. you shall die.. sorry the ants disturb my zone! ok yesterday night was so different what i'm expected before. i can't sleep at all! i usually did what i always did during night at my room. i watch tv series, listening to music and playing game. yes i can shut this eyes unfortunately i woke up at 3.30 am pasal gatal satu badan. i don't know why!! masatu lagi gelap banaaarrr.. everything went black! nothing to see.. hahaha.. oh my!! ada-ada saja bah ah --" 

This is a special menu for breakfast early in the morning... sedaaaap! Alhamdulillah. catering nya masani dah bertukar. high class serve. kami speechless after i saw the different yesterday night. they serve like a buffet! so imagine how lucky we are! thank you Allah for all the rezeki You given to us. We most appreciate it. Syukur eh! mudahan tah the catering serve high class for us until the last semester. Amin. Nothing to worry about foods you know. However, i must eat less since the senior told me that 'aku makin berisi' oh noooo! aku inda mauuu... ok time to get sweat and whatsoever. reduce the rice and eat more fruits! banar kah inda ni? Insyaa Allah. Over all for one more time Alhamdulillah for all the foods =D

After we ate.....


we get ready to start our day outside the world. nooo ambil gambar dulu hehe.. this is me with my friends ^^ so the story begun with...? ok first of all we went to see the HEA stand for HEAD EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION for taking our new timetable and blue form. the purpose of the blue form is to put our professor's signature. entah macamana kan tu kan d explain? ngalih jua lah ahhhh.. i'm sweat for all this kind of this things. so i just being relax. inda macam dulu jumpa ustaz dan ustazah minta sain. hehe. i being so modest this time. just being a normal person. happy with my new friends because i love them. slow and steady. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan. Amin. Tadi ulang alik jualah ah photocopy all the timetable for them. Alhamdulillah. amal ibadah for them. lebih baik menyenangkan hati durang. sama-sama tani menyamankan hati. jangan siuk sendiri. people will talk all about it. kitani mesti ada sikap bekerjasama dan toleransi dalam segala perkara yang dilakukan. baru semua perkara yang dilakukan berjalan dengan lancar. Insyaa Allah. And most of it we must listen peoples' opinion. sometime pendapat yang lain lebih baik daripada kitani. you know the more ideas you get the more creative you can be. be a better person in front other and importantly kepada ALLAH SWT. this is only for my own motivation. no hurt feeling readers =)

one more thing.. i saw my first crush just now.. hahaha i don't know should i be happy? well i am happy! it's all because he likes my status for a very first time dulu2 atu. i still remember that. excited eeee. hahaha. hopefully he knows my existance. kesian jua if i knew him but he doesn't know me. well i'm the girl that always like your status at long time ago before i met the new one. tapi yang baru ani. entah lesap ke mana inda tahu kemana. the moment when he texted me and the moment when i send this picture saying "I LIKE YOU more than colouring, rainy night, cats, pink sprinkle doughnuts and staying awake all night so logically A LOT" there i send a picture with that words on it then he doesn't want to reply mine! why? you doesn't comfortable about it? not that i care. i only want to know his reaction. hahaha. he thinks i'm freak. hey you know that i like u right? i only want to give that picture to tell you no matter how mad you are at me i still like you. even when this earth stumbling i even care about you. namanya sudah sukaaaaa! why this is so complicated? You make it all complicated or is it me being so stupid just because i send that photo at him? hmm.. hopefully to see your replies someday. i don't mind waiting. kena tahan iman masani. ok enough lah talking about this again. losing some creativeness by writing this hopeless stories =p


and this is me and my friend, Zatul after we had a very long day.. crazy i was sweating. baju basah bah pasal jalan sana sini and pusing sana sini with my friends. hahaha. at lastly kami lepak arah dewan makan siswi. while waiting for the foods to come. yes our lunch... sedap makanannya tadi. berselera makan. Alhamdulillah another rezeki daripada Allah SWT. i love the keropok so much. theres nothing to resist when it come to eat tapi kena makan bersederhana. jangan lebih-lebih makan ani. Allah inda suka. Amalan syaitan fyi! be in a middle for everything we do. Insya Allah. the best thing to do during the study time is when.... i saw a lot of abang janggut everywhere. hahaha. well abang janggut is so attractive to me ok! pasal atu lah kenapa i like both of my crush. seorang tabligh seorang seni. so much different these both guys. Only Allah knew what i think and what i feel. including jodoh dan mati. kepada bakal imam ku yang ku inda tahu siapa be good there. behave well. semoga Allah melindungimu. be happy always ok? Awww i pray that guy is him. the second crush that i send the photo to him. Amin =D

Haiya... my laptop being sucks just now. it freeze like two times already. kenapa kah ya! luckily the blogger invented 'save your post automatically' or else i'm gonna write this from the beginning.. pengsan! haha.. ok Asar prayer is getting nearer now. hahaha i got no time to sleep at this moment! why? it's all because of this internet connection and i need to write! i love writing.. so kalau ada peluang tu selalunya ambil lah keemasan itu.. so before i go the most important thing in your life is SMILE! why???? because i know you can. I know i can. even my heart throb for almost everyday because of him but then hidup ini mesti diteruskan. don't expect more or less. i am here if u need me. i'm always i am! so it's good to be single. hahaha. as what he said 'chill sajaaaa' oh man sometimes i miss him just because of that word! tapi boleh lah dikurangkan. so ok. smile no matter what it is. 

Miss you so much... text me if you can, 

xoxo, single ladies.


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3:38 PM

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Assalammualaikum dear readers~~

Wow.. 1 more day left before going back to my hostel life.. cepatnya masa berlalu.. i will gonna miss my bed so much hahaha. macam inda balik saja. like i'm going to stay there for a year. inda sanggup eee... technically i am gonna miss my dad's wireless the most. kalau arah hostel tu ikut nasib lah kadang ada, kadang nada. it's so disappointed. i really need a wireless that can serve me a 24 hours non stop. Yahhh! i want to put wireless for my galaxy tab but mahal kaliah for monthly have to pay $60? damn! where to get such kind of money? parents... no! elaun? lagitiaaa... so sabarlah wahai insan. Ngalih wah top up setiap minggu. yups!! u know me.. i love to spend myself at instagram for an hour, whatsapp..( i don't know. my gtab is boring.. contacts sedikit) and then i love to play game. masani game semua really needed an internet connection. i play 'subway surfers' the most... so kalau play game without any connection it kinda bored. Top up credit always $5! sehari pakai habis hahahaha. that is why my dad furious about it. After all i will gonna miss the wireless.. my room too.. oh yes i'm gonna bring my Bon the monkey with me.. damn i really need my monkey for accompany me to sleep. i know hostel life kinda scary with hantu and so on. Tapi ALLAH lebih berkuasa.. must be brave! pray everyday supaya dijauhkan benda yang tidak diingini. Amin. enough story about this.. hehe =)

i really need to confess something. However i don't think i need to say here.. indakan semua kan dibagitahu kali.. hahaha.. ok 1 clue. 'he who i know, he who i talk about, he who makes me crazy, he who makes me cry, he who make me turn into a clueless person, he who make me mad, he who make me hate, he is the same person i talk about almost everyday' wow.. you know what i was so surprised that he texts with me again. happy? Alhamdulillah. At least we are okay now. i wonder why he wants to talk with me even i don't ask why! You know the moment when you forgotten him for almost a week then he came back to your life macam nada well it's hurt! hahaha now my situation is like macam dulu (hati tak keruan) tapi i need to MOVE ON! act nothing.. kuatkan semangat. whatever! hahaha... masani i love to read 'move on' quotes and i will try to fix things by read and do the best for it.. if i read all the quotes it helps me to move on step by step. Islamic quotes totally helping me a lot for most of  them. The best feeling is when we pray to ALLAH. Tenang rasa di hati bila curhat segala apa pun masalah to ALLAH. Nothing to regret. Nothing to stress. My sister once advice me that "Di dunia ani nada istilah stress, even how hard our life has stumbling around. Kitani mesti banyak bersyukur, baik sama orang, spend most all your time in a right path, think positive then the stress will not come to your life. We have ALLAH" benar lah kalau difikir2kan balik. Thumb up! hehe.. my stress will come if "buat things in a LAST MINUTE" atu banaar stress because siapa jua suruh buat krja last minit kan. perkara biasa dah tu.. Doing my assignment in a last minute.. sometime i did this if leka lah.. but i will try to avoid it by this semester. Insya Allah. and yessss presentation more to come! waaaaa.. chill! nahhh i said 'chill' now. sorry i doesn't like that word. it keep reminding me of him. heh... relaxxxx! =D 

Yeahhh... a very nice quotes that i got from tumblr..."moving on doesn't mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what happened and continue living" yuppss. you learn from all your mistakes then take the lesson and continue living as long as you open your heart.. be strong to handle everything. Be a mature person. but not me in this case... hahahaha.. everything is spoil..i will try as hard as i can for not being that old girl who missed him every second in my mind. the more i care, it seems that the more it hurt. so let it be again.. need a time. sometime kan i wish that we are in a relationship.. tapi i don't want to take the risk either.. takut kecewa wah. so kan pernah baca this quotes "do not fall in love if you are not ready yet, fell in love when you're ready" so i know where my position now.. hellll...oooo it's only a text! what do u expect.. laaa kenapa lagi dibahaskan lagi tentang ani --"" never mind... what i  should do now is............



this can help you to reduce the stress out from your mind
when you hurt, smile. when you cry, smile. when you happy, smile.



"Life is too short to hate people"

I LOVE YOU for this! hehe... 
by this lately i being so creative by doing this kind of stuff.. inda tau kenapa! mayve by the help of what i'm doing now will help me to broad my mind to think creative. As what i said "seni itu indah" it bring you every each of happiness in your life. kalau di biarkan hidup ani straight saja tanpa haluan i think your life will be ruin forever lah ahh.. isn't it? i mean you will be lonely and boring kalau keep doing the same thing. so seni itu penting. contoh ah if you solat of couse 5 waktu tu wajib inda boleh ditinggalkan.. so how about after u solat yg wajib buatlah solat taubat kah, hajatkah, solat syukur kah.. solat sunat apa pun... and choose doa2 yang berlainan sebab doa yang ALLAH kongsi tu so many. tinggal di cari dan di buat dalam doa. so what i mean is seni lah tu sebab you do something creative every each after you perform of the wajib solat. Lainlah kalau malas.. like me. hahaha.. ok! well thats how i convey the simple example about seni. you do every creative things everyday so that your life begin with a different thing. So you can create a good moment in your momories. Buat perkara yang baik supaya dapat pahala. even when i wrote this blog i change every story right.. adalah yang sama.. atupun pasal curhat yang tak ada ending =P

and say that you love me too?? ^^v

 gambar belum bersedia.. tapi it's look nice, though. it's look fine to me :))

one last photo before i gooooo.. (damn i'm gonna miss my blog! i don't know if i got the time to update the rest story next week.. be calm readers) hehehe.. oh yes this is my favourite new sport shoes so far. i bought it at Miri... masatu discount 20% siapa jua inda mau membeli kasut ani kan. It's cute huh? combination with pink and grey colour.. not black.. at least it still look stunning to me! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

ok! see you until i see you. sabar lah menanti ah segala cerita yg tergendala atau yang inda ter'update in here. find me somewhere in google if you want.. type 'Atykah Aura' you will know more better than that. and i'm so sorry if you saw some photos when i don't wear hijab.. tutup cerita lama now i'm change. semoga iman kuat dan beristiqamah mengerjakan segala suruhan ALLAH S.W.T. need to change time to time. need to be creative :D so that's all from me now. i don't want to say goodbye... 

this battle scar....
xoxo, best and love to all of you


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♥just smile
9:24 PM

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers...

how was your day so far? me.... i'm okay Alhamdulillah. Over the moon. Saya bersyukur ke hadrat illahi sebab masih boleh bernafas. So hargai lah hidup ini :)

Agree?? i'm in a process of not letting someone to come in my mind. someone that you know. if you read my old post indeed. then you will know who he is. so 2012 has pass by and 2013 arrived. In 2013 my first aim is to be successful person. Be the best. Tingkat kan lagi usaha... Make 'A' in my diary. Beat all the people up! in a good way of course. cari kawan yang memang otak pandai giler. hehehe. kan Allah galak kan kitani berkawan sama orang yang berilmu supaya ilmu tu sama2 berbagi. We learn everything new everyday. So ambil lah peluang yang sangat berharga itu. Tapi satu yang menghairankan kenapa some people yang doing things in a last minutes always the best one. well some lah ah.. hehehe. i don't know the formula but they're really good. respect to all those who manage to get A, B result. why cakap pasal result ni? awu wah. result baru keluar tadi when i was so busy travelling at Miri Sarawak hahaha. so i got 1 A 7B 2C hehe.. PNGK? 3.04... I know... i must struggle like STRUGGLE!!! thats all i can say... hahahaha. permulaan yang perlu ditingkatkan lagi. Semester will arrive like 2 days more to come!! :3 'DO THE BEST. BREAK A LEG!' Insyaa Allah.Parents suruh aim A... like all subjects kalau boleh... jangan ada kalau.. Mesti boleh!! :D :D

~Ni saya yang tengah happy... this moment after i went back from Miri.. terus ambil gambar. hahaha. macam-macam saja. this photo makes me laugh because of the spontaneous posing and so on. Not to forget phewww i love pashminas like berabissss... you can give me pashminas if you like me. i love pink and purple for almost colours hehe. The first photo saying "I L O V E Y O U" this photo came right away in the car. was plan to this kind of pose. so waaalaaaa it happened. tapi a bit blur sebab almost maghrib tadi so the light a bit gelap. not like the last photos i took. Do you love it? hahaha.. i put the first photo in my instagram and facebook. But not the second photo. Tu for blog only. For all my ultimate readers :D 

~ And these are all stuff that i bought at Miri. Oppseee ada harga!!! Hahaha spoil! never mind it's RM! yups it's cheaper than you imagine. Like what i said 'i like to spend my money at Miri' Almost every stuff. From shoes, bags, accessories, clothes etc etc.. name it.. i love foods too. i usually eat a lot when my soul take me away to Miri. Hehe.. ok done! 

It's raining.. oh oh.. i need to type fast because dad will switch off the wireless if theres thunder and storm coming. so i'm going now. i need to refresh my mind by doing something i love to do. Maybe playing game. Bagi stress jua kadang2 main game ani. hahaha. kadang2 bagi menyumpah. Iatah need to reduce that habit. maybe read books or clean up my room. My room mess me up... i messed them up! okay i'm going now. Insyaa Allah i will back and write more... before i going off to my hostel life and so on. i know i will be the most busiest woman in the world. hahaha macam banar!! see yoooooooooou!~~

Underneath your clothes. 
xoxo. best wishes.


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♥just smile
10:41 PM

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

it seem that i really can't stop writing right? Hehe... rajin sudah ya. Well i don't know what will be happen after i going back to my university life. That i will gonna be busy where i don't have time to spend writing in this blog.. ooouhhhh! Insyaa Allah i will try to write walaupun sedikit. Yang penting ada wireless lah ah. hehe. I don't know if i can write during my study time. non-stop busy lah this year. mana lagi hafazan that i should memorize dari ayat 1-48.. no play, play eh.. well i give my best shot! Insyaa Allah.. today i want to share for the last minute photoshot that i did this afternoon.. move on!! He the one who inspire me to move on since he   don't want to talk with me again. Yesterday i gave him something cute so he will straight up talk with me and said it's ok.. bla..bla..bla.. but yeah no response.. so now i know the position between me and him.. no dignity langsung! whatever. the best revenge is just stop talking with him and move on!! it's a cliche thing that happen to all guys outside there... their ego is unpredictable. sorry if i wrote like this. macam memburuk2kan pulang. hehe. sorry ok. all right change topic~~

so move on is the best thing that i should do. you know today i deleted all his messages in my phone thinking that he is someone i don't know anymore. yups. it's a hard thing to do for the first time but i have to do that so i don't be the pathetic girl who like this one guy who doesn't like me at all. so what to keep? it's a part where i learn all this lesson.. thank you! tapi sejujurnya rasa sayang masih ada and hoping and praying that he is the one for me. mungkin belum masanya. hehe. hoping to meet him again. anywhere and everywhere. it's funny when my friends said "he is not the one for you once he brokes your heart" ok just whip it... huhuhu.. and theres nothing to lose anywhere =) ........................................................ in the end ''move on"


since you been gone!! tinggalkan segala kisah lama!~~~ he said "tidak seperti dulu" hahaha.. if he found out my blog i think he will mad at me.. he will going crazy.. are u going to curse me? well this is my blog. i always write what i want. Thats why google invented the blog.. blog is to write. this is still not consider misused my dear. lain ler if i wrote your name and exposed everything about you. wawawaa.. so please don't be so mysterious. it's creep people out. why should you hide something that it's obviously there? people will know eventually. why if its happen if your girl friend that you will tell everyone? i know girl friend is someone special that you don't have to hide for.. but why not me? as a friend? i'm just curious.. inda ku faham sampai ani.. hahaha. ALLAH knews. so just leave it out. Thank you for breaking my heart. it's work, really. Biarlah karma yang menentukan. Biarlah Allah sahaja mengetahuinya.

~ Oh yeahhh finally i got my own PITCH PERFECT soundtrack. i took these all from torrent. Thank you for the share. I love it already. Have you guys watch this movie? it was awesome right? i can't stop watching it since then. inda pandai jara and boring.. acapella is sooo amazing. i wish i can do that... recommended this movie to those who still haven't watch this yet :D 

OK... this is me.. bolaaat usul ku eeee... what this picture trying to say is about how care i am to this world. banar kah tuuu??? no idea.. anyone who knows me maybe can explain this weather i'm care or not... so if you care for others...

1. You will give without thinking about what you will get in return.

2. You watch out for others.

3. You're kind.

4. You help those who are in need.

5. You think about other people's feelings 
(urr... this is awkward! i don't have any idea about this yet.)

i'm saying about the number 5 is because i still not sure yet... no answer for this. i being hurting people nowadays ahh.. am i right? well not YOU! not he... i don't care with that anymore. He is my past. He hurts me with his words.. lebih tajam dari pedang mulut dia itu. you should think about that first wahai manusia yang berjiwa seni. apa yg penting di sini. I AIN'T LIE if it's already the truth one. so that is why i hate being with a mysterious people. 

All right my last words before i ship to reality.... 


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8:02 PM