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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers...

how was your day so far? me.... i'm okay Alhamdulillah. Over the moon. Saya bersyukur ke hadrat illahi sebab masih boleh bernafas. So hargai lah hidup ini :)

Agree?? i'm in a process of not letting someone to come in my mind. someone that you know. if you read my old post indeed. then you will know who he is. so 2012 has pass by and 2013 arrived. In 2013 my first aim is to be successful person. Be the best. Tingkat kan lagi usaha... Make 'A' in my diary. Beat all the people up! in a good way of course. cari kawan yang memang otak pandai giler. hehehe. kan Allah galak kan kitani berkawan sama orang yang berilmu supaya ilmu tu sama2 berbagi. We learn everything new everyday. So ambil lah peluang yang sangat berharga itu. Tapi satu yang menghairankan kenapa some people yang doing things in a last minutes always the best one. well some lah ah.. hehehe. i don't know the formula but they're really good. respect to all those who manage to get A, B result. why cakap pasal result ni? awu wah. result baru keluar tadi when i was so busy travelling at Miri Sarawak hahaha. so i got 1 A 7B 2C hehe.. PNGK? 3.04... I know... i must struggle like STRUGGLE!!! thats all i can say... hahahaha. permulaan yang perlu ditingkatkan lagi. Semester will arrive like 2 days more to come!! :3 'DO THE BEST. BREAK A LEG!' Insyaa Allah.Parents suruh aim A... like all subjects kalau boleh... jangan ada kalau.. Mesti boleh!! :D :D

~Ni saya yang tengah happy... this moment after i went back from Miri.. terus ambil gambar. hahaha. macam-macam saja. this photo makes me laugh because of the spontaneous posing and so on. Not to forget phewww i love pashminas like berabissss... you can give me pashminas if you like me. i love pink and purple for almost colours hehe. The first photo saying "I L O V E Y O U" this photo came right away in the car. was plan to this kind of pose. so waaalaaaa it happened. tapi a bit blur sebab almost maghrib tadi so the light a bit gelap. not like the last photos i took. Do you love it? hahaha.. i put the first photo in my instagram and facebook. But not the second photo. Tu for blog only. For all my ultimate readers :D 

~ And these are all stuff that i bought at Miri. Oppseee ada harga!!! Hahaha spoil! never mind it's RM! yups it's cheaper than you imagine. Like what i said 'i like to spend my money at Miri' Almost every stuff. From shoes, bags, accessories, clothes etc etc.. name it.. i love foods too. i usually eat a lot when my soul take me away to Miri. Hehe.. ok done! 

It's raining.. oh oh.. i need to type fast because dad will switch off the wireless if theres thunder and storm coming. so i'm going now. i need to refresh my mind by doing something i love to do. Maybe playing game. Bagi stress jua kadang2 main game ani. hahaha. kadang2 bagi menyumpah. Iatah need to reduce that habit. maybe read books or clean up my room. My room mess me up... i messed them up! okay i'm going now. Insyaa Allah i will back and write more... before i going off to my hostel life and so on. i know i will be the most busiest woman in the world. hahaha macam banar!! see yoooooooooou!~~

Underneath your clothes. 
xoxo. best wishes.


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