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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Assalammualaikum dear readers~~

Wow.. 1 more day left before going back to my hostel life.. cepatnya masa berlalu.. i will gonna miss my bed so much hahaha. macam inda balik saja. like i'm going to stay there for a year. inda sanggup eee... technically i am gonna miss my dad's wireless the most. kalau arah hostel tu ikut nasib lah kadang ada, kadang nada. it's so disappointed. i really need a wireless that can serve me a 24 hours non stop. Yahhh! i want to put wireless for my galaxy tab but mahal kaliah for monthly have to pay $60? damn! where to get such kind of money? parents... no! elaun? lagitiaaa... so sabarlah wahai insan. Ngalih wah top up setiap minggu. yups!! u know me.. i love to spend myself at instagram for an hour, whatsapp..( i don't know. my gtab is boring.. contacts sedikit) and then i love to play game. masani game semua really needed an internet connection. i play 'subway surfers' the most... so kalau play game without any connection it kinda bored. Top up credit always $5! sehari pakai habis hahahaha. that is why my dad furious about it. After all i will gonna miss the wireless.. my room too.. oh yes i'm gonna bring my Bon the monkey with me.. damn i really need my monkey for accompany me to sleep. i know hostel life kinda scary with hantu and so on. Tapi ALLAH lebih berkuasa.. must be brave! pray everyday supaya dijauhkan benda yang tidak diingini. Amin. enough story about this.. hehe =)

i really need to confess something. However i don't think i need to say here.. indakan semua kan dibagitahu kali.. hahaha.. ok 1 clue. 'he who i know, he who i talk about, he who makes me crazy, he who makes me cry, he who make me turn into a clueless person, he who make me mad, he who make me hate, he is the same person i talk about almost everyday' wow.. you know what i was so surprised that he texts with me again. happy? Alhamdulillah. At least we are okay now. i wonder why he wants to talk with me even i don't ask why! You know the moment when you forgotten him for almost a week then he came back to your life macam nada well it's hurt! hahaha now my situation is like macam dulu (hati tak keruan) tapi i need to MOVE ON! act nothing.. kuatkan semangat. whatever! hahaha... masani i love to read 'move on' quotes and i will try to fix things by read and do the best for it.. if i read all the quotes it helps me to move on step by step. Islamic quotes totally helping me a lot for most of  them. The best feeling is when we pray to ALLAH. Tenang rasa di hati bila curhat segala apa pun masalah to ALLAH. Nothing to regret. Nothing to stress. My sister once advice me that "Di dunia ani nada istilah stress, even how hard our life has stumbling around. Kitani mesti banyak bersyukur, baik sama orang, spend most all your time in a right path, think positive then the stress will not come to your life. We have ALLAH" benar lah kalau difikir2kan balik. Thumb up! hehe.. my stress will come if "buat things in a LAST MINUTE" atu banaar stress because siapa jua suruh buat krja last minit kan. perkara biasa dah tu.. Doing my assignment in a last minute.. sometime i did this if leka lah.. but i will try to avoid it by this semester. Insya Allah. and yessss presentation more to come! waaaaa.. chill! nahhh i said 'chill' now. sorry i doesn't like that word. it keep reminding me of him. heh... relaxxxx! =D 

Yeahhh... a very nice quotes that i got from tumblr..."moving on doesn't mean you forget about things. It just means you have to accept what happened and continue living" yuppss. you learn from all your mistakes then take the lesson and continue living as long as you open your heart.. be strong to handle everything. Be a mature person. but not me in this case... hahahaha.. everything is spoil..i will try as hard as i can for not being that old girl who missed him every second in my mind. the more i care, it seems that the more it hurt. so let it be again.. need a time. sometime kan i wish that we are in a relationship.. tapi i don't want to take the risk either.. takut kecewa wah. so kan pernah baca this quotes "do not fall in love if you are not ready yet, fell in love when you're ready" so i know where my position now.. hellll...oooo it's only a text! what do u expect.. laaa kenapa lagi dibahaskan lagi tentang ani --"" never mind... what i  should do now is............



this can help you to reduce the stress out from your mind
when you hurt, smile. when you cry, smile. when you happy, smile.



"Life is too short to hate people"

I LOVE YOU for this! hehe... 
by this lately i being so creative by doing this kind of stuff.. inda tau kenapa! mayve by the help of what i'm doing now will help me to broad my mind to think creative. As what i said "seni itu indah" it bring you every each of happiness in your life. kalau di biarkan hidup ani straight saja tanpa haluan i think your life will be ruin forever lah ahh.. isn't it? i mean you will be lonely and boring kalau keep doing the same thing. so seni itu penting. contoh ah if you solat of couse 5 waktu tu wajib inda boleh ditinggalkan.. so how about after u solat yg wajib buatlah solat taubat kah, hajatkah, solat syukur kah.. solat sunat apa pun... and choose doa2 yang berlainan sebab doa yang ALLAH kongsi tu so many. tinggal di cari dan di buat dalam doa. so what i mean is seni lah tu sebab you do something creative every each after you perform of the wajib solat. Lainlah kalau malas.. like me. hahaha.. ok! well thats how i convey the simple example about seni. you do every creative things everyday so that your life begin with a different thing. So you can create a good moment in your momories. Buat perkara yang baik supaya dapat pahala. even when i wrote this blog i change every story right.. adalah yang sama.. atupun pasal curhat yang tak ada ending =P

and say that you love me too?? ^^v

 gambar belum bersedia.. tapi it's look nice, though. it's look fine to me :))

one last photo before i gooooo.. (damn i'm gonna miss my blog! i don't know if i got the time to update the rest story next week.. be calm readers) hehehe.. oh yes this is my favourite new sport shoes so far. i bought it at Miri... masatu discount 20% siapa jua inda mau membeli kasut ani kan. It's cute huh? combination with pink and grey colour.. not black.. at least it still look stunning to me! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

ok! see you until i see you. sabar lah menanti ah segala cerita yg tergendala atau yang inda ter'update in here. find me somewhere in google if you want.. type 'Atykah Aura' you will know more better than that. and i'm so sorry if you saw some photos when i don't wear hijab.. tutup cerita lama now i'm change. semoga iman kuat dan beristiqamah mengerjakan segala suruhan ALLAH S.W.T. need to change time to time. need to be creative :D so that's all from me now. i don't want to say goodbye... 

this battle scar....
xoxo, best and love to all of you


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