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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers,

i'm writing now at the hostel where i'm staying! luckily it got wireless here. so i take this opportunities to write! waaaaa unbelievable. hahaha so i need to write fast as i can because the wireless might be disappear anytime without further notice. toink! hey how was my Monday blues so far? oh man it's so damn tired! inda tahu kan cakap apa lagi daaaa... it was a very tiring day yet fun of course because i got to see my friends. talk and laugh as usual. i will talk further about what i did today morning later. ok do u know i was packing my stuff to bring it at the hostel... wanna see?? 

Tadaaaa... it was a very sad things to do! the moment when i don't want to leave home at all. macam kanak-kanak saja. banar juaaa tuu because one month di rumah i felt so comfortable. nothing to worry about. boleh bangun akhir lah terutamanya. hahaha. oh well like i always said 'life has to move on' hehe..you know mama was so furious at me because i brought my Bon the monkey along at the hostel. adakahh.. well maaa i can't live without him! bantal paluk ku tuuu.. ok now he's with me whenever i go. technically masa dalam hostel sajalah. indakan dibawa jua masa kuliah.. damn bagi maluuuu!!! there he is. sengaja inda meliatkan mukanya. i turn it at the other around. can you see his cute butt? Owww.. my monkey always the sexiest one. so Bon please behave ahh.. hostel is a very strict zone where theres so many scary stories. tahu2 sendirilah =)


this is my beautiful  BON and my hostel bed... just a simple things to do. i am not being so creative about this. still i look this as a messy one even though how many time i'm organize this already. hahaha. oh yes i usually sleep alone. no partner. be happy. i once got a partner before but she slept with someone else. not that i'm not ok with it. hahaha. she can sleep whenever she wants lah. i'm ok. nothing worst to get all those hurt feeling. dah biasa dalam keadaan bersendirian. you know the worst thing about this is when there is so  many ants crawling on my sheet. kenapa kah ya berhantu semut atuu?? i'm gonna find where all the ants stay. you shall die.. sorry the ants disturb my zone! ok yesterday night was so different what i'm expected before. i can't sleep at all! i usually did what i always did during night at my room. i watch tv series, listening to music and playing game. yes i can shut this eyes unfortunately i woke up at 3.30 am pasal gatal satu badan. i don't know why!! masatu lagi gelap banaaarrr.. everything went black! nothing to see.. hahaha.. oh my!! ada-ada saja bah ah --" 

This is a special menu for breakfast early in the morning... sedaaaap! Alhamdulillah. catering nya masani dah bertukar. high class serve. kami speechless after i saw the different yesterday night. they serve like a buffet! so imagine how lucky we are! thank you Allah for all the rezeki You given to us. We most appreciate it. Syukur eh! mudahan tah the catering serve high class for us until the last semester. Amin. Nothing to worry about foods you know. However, i must eat less since the senior told me that 'aku makin berisi' oh noooo! aku inda mauuu... ok time to get sweat and whatsoever. reduce the rice and eat more fruits! banar kah inda ni? Insyaa Allah. Over all for one more time Alhamdulillah for all the foods =D

After we ate.....


we get ready to start our day outside the world. nooo ambil gambar dulu hehe.. this is me with my friends ^^ so the story begun with...? ok first of all we went to see the HEA stand for HEAD EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION for taking our new timetable and blue form. the purpose of the blue form is to put our professor's signature. entah macamana kan tu kan d explain? ngalih jua lah ahhhh.. i'm sweat for all this kind of this things. so i just being relax. inda macam dulu jumpa ustaz dan ustazah minta sain. hehe. i being so modest this time. just being a normal person. happy with my new friends because i love them. slow and steady. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan. Amin. Tadi ulang alik jualah ah photocopy all the timetable for them. Alhamdulillah. amal ibadah for them. lebih baik menyenangkan hati durang. sama-sama tani menyamankan hati. jangan siuk sendiri. people will talk all about it. kitani mesti ada sikap bekerjasama dan toleransi dalam segala perkara yang dilakukan. baru semua perkara yang dilakukan berjalan dengan lancar. Insyaa Allah. And most of it we must listen peoples' opinion. sometime pendapat yang lain lebih baik daripada kitani. you know the more ideas you get the more creative you can be. be a better person in front other and importantly kepada ALLAH SWT. this is only for my own motivation. no hurt feeling readers =)

one more thing.. i saw my first crush just now.. hahaha i don't know should i be happy? well i am happy! it's all because he likes my status for a very first time dulu2 atu. i still remember that. excited eeee. hahaha. hopefully he knows my existance. kesian jua if i knew him but he doesn't know me. well i'm the girl that always like your status at long time ago before i met the new one. tapi yang baru ani. entah lesap ke mana inda tahu kemana. the moment when he texted me and the moment when i send this picture saying "I LIKE YOU more than colouring, rainy night, cats, pink sprinkle doughnuts and staying awake all night so logically A LOT" there i send a picture with that words on it then he doesn't want to reply mine! why? you doesn't comfortable about it? not that i care. i only want to know his reaction. hahaha. he thinks i'm freak. hey you know that i like u right? i only want to give that picture to tell you no matter how mad you are at me i still like you. even when this earth stumbling i even care about you. namanya sudah sukaaaaa! why this is so complicated? You make it all complicated or is it me being so stupid just because i send that photo at him? hmm.. hopefully to see your replies someday. i don't mind waiting. kena tahan iman masani. ok enough lah talking about this again. losing some creativeness by writing this hopeless stories =p


and this is me and my friend, Zatul after we had a very long day.. crazy i was sweating. baju basah bah pasal jalan sana sini and pusing sana sini with my friends. hahaha. at lastly kami lepak arah dewan makan siswi. while waiting for the foods to come. yes our lunch... sedap makanannya tadi. berselera makan. Alhamdulillah another rezeki daripada Allah SWT. i love the keropok so much. theres nothing to resist when it come to eat tapi kena makan bersederhana. jangan lebih-lebih makan ani. Allah inda suka. Amalan syaitan fyi! be in a middle for everything we do. Insya Allah. the best thing to do during the study time is when.... i saw a lot of abang janggut everywhere. hahaha. well abang janggut is so attractive to me ok! pasal atu lah kenapa i like both of my crush. seorang tabligh seorang seni. so much different these both guys. Only Allah knew what i think and what i feel. including jodoh dan mati. kepada bakal imam ku yang ku inda tahu siapa be good there. behave well. semoga Allah melindungimu. be happy always ok? Awww i pray that guy is him. the second crush that i send the photo to him. Amin =D

Haiya... my laptop being sucks just now. it freeze like two times already. kenapa kah ya! luckily the blogger invented 'save your post automatically' or else i'm gonna write this from the beginning.. pengsan! haha.. ok Asar prayer is getting nearer now. hahaha i got no time to sleep at this moment! why? it's all because of this internet connection and i need to write! i love writing.. so kalau ada peluang tu selalunya ambil lah keemasan itu.. so before i go the most important thing in your life is SMILE! why???? because i know you can. I know i can. even my heart throb for almost everyday because of him but then hidup ini mesti diteruskan. don't expect more or less. i am here if u need me. i'm always i am! so it's good to be single. hahaha. as what he said 'chill sajaaaa' oh man sometimes i miss him just because of that word! tapi boleh lah dikurangkan. so ok. smile no matter what it is. 

Miss you so much... text me if you can, 

xoxo, single ladies.


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