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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Assalammualaikum dear readers,

Sobahul Khair! writing early in the morning was something that i never did in January 2013 before. however, i feel glad because i still got the time to spend myself writing for my stunning and lovely blog. I miss you~!

i miss my blog..... everyday! hehe... true! i miss him in average even though we still haven't text with each other anymore. it doesn't take a month for not texting with him. i can handle everything though. the most trouble thing that happened in my daily life is just that 'i can't stop visiting his facebook profile' thinking like to know what is he doing now. macam satu kewajipan tah pulang bila meliat facebooknya setiap hari. i don't know what kind of remedy for this. i shouldn't do that kind of thing if i don't want to torture my heart. unconditionally i still can't stop thinking, loving, caring and praying for him. walau tah berapa kali ia sudah menyakitkan hatiku. i know he doesn't like me but at least hati perempuan tu di jaga bah. jangan kasar! ok... enough! hahaha this is one story that i can't stop sharing it in here. i can't move on without him in this blog. mesti cerita pasal ia jua ku tulis. i'm not being so creative when it comes about him. you know if we like someone we pray to ALLAH to get the answer from the Almighty. however, i still not sure yet either to hold this friendship and to expect more from him. pray and solat istikharah non stop... i'm not sure yet. macam belum ready wah. i still in dilemma either want to be with him or not or to be with someone new... phew! talking about new.. ok i think i like someone but i'm not sure if its him and not sure if my heart can put all over to him like i did to that 'before guy i'm with' kadang-kadang terfikir jua kan cari lain, tapi macam malas and i was like 'mencari atu bukan kerana bersedia, kerana rasa kesunyian' that's all... and i am a girl so why should i find this anonymous prince when ALLAH plan everything the best for me? why so desperate? am i lonely? or is it because i need friend to talk with? hmm... the answers are all from me =)

stop missing someone who not worth you at all... but i can't control myself! 

As what as this quotes said 'I WISH I COULD FORGET YOU.... like i forget everything i've studied seconds before an exam' yeah it's true... but i don't think so. example now! how can i forget you when i can't even help myself to forget you... i tried so many times like deleting all your Whatsapp messages, inbox and your numbers and i still in a process of deleting your Facebook, but it's hard to do it! i even't can't stop stalking his facebook EVERYDAY! like a morning paper... like daily basis.. macam satu kewajipan. kalau inda check macam lain lah hari ani, macam atu lah. well at least you safe and happy for being a loner, hot single man and kekasih gelap hahaha. sorry! well, at least i want you to be happy! and i pray that someday you will find someone who can be with you no matter who you are, that can put smile on your face, that can share happiness with you everyday, that can care you every day and forever and most importantly is that can be with you forever in Jannah...In sha Allah.  Amin! that was a pray from me because to let you go is the best thing to do. i can't force you to like me and even to be with you when your heart said no. you will always in my heart no matter who will come after you in my life. wow. cerita ani macam sudah lama berlaku. laugh out loud :P oh damn.... rasakan jumpa ia and talk! way in a deep conversation... Ya Allah.. give me something miracle for the last time between me and him.. at least meet him and talk.. why is it so complicated? sabar saja lah... doakan saja ia selamat dan sihat. In shaa Allah ada tu.. Allah kan Maha Mengetahui. HE knows what best for us... chill saja =D

OH YEAH..... in conclusion? ♥

''W O R R Y  L E S S :))))))))) M O R E'' thats what i need now.. jangan risau, ALLAH kan ada. apa lah nak dirisaukan.. jangan terburu-buru. as what he always said 'chill saja' huhu.. sometime i hate that word but sometime i feel enthusiastic all the time by that word.. entah eh.. relax saja, jangan banyak fikir. hahaha. you know i like someone but i'm not sure if my heart said yes.. suka jua, inda jua. berbelah bahagi. haha. mungkin sebab masih berharap kan lelaki sebelumnya dan malas kan berharap yang baru. malas lah yang pentingnya. ok maybe because i was inbox with this new guy that i admirer with... then ia macam ignoring lah. ia balas my inbox. speedy! tapi dalam inbox atu nothing special lah macam i text with that other guy. so malas lah lagi kan terasi-asi nya orang. biar tia. life has to go on and on... just let it go!~ chill saja hahaha. sasak orang eh!~ :D

ok... urr let's change topic before i go eh. how is my university life? Alhamdulillah everything is went well. so many good and bad old memories. sakit yang terpendam tu just let all go.. i don't care. i don't pissed your life to get the attention.. sometimes seniors are sucks! well not majority of them. some! happy memories. entah ah. i always forgot kalau ada perkara yang mengembirakan atu ah. selalunya yang sakit dan pedih lah yang selalu teringat. weird! :/ hmmm.. my assignments is so far so good. i still haven't do my presentation yet. soon is enough in shaa Allah. bittaufiq wannajah ^^d and we will get busy marching for our national day. i hate it when we involve this kind of thing. panas waaaaah! i will buy sun block later... the most important thing is semoga berjalan dengan lancar. we will get busy by rehearsal everyday! kengalihan ni karang semua. and then cuci baju pun ada yang 'ter' paksa ni. ooooh my! semoga dipermudahkan.. be strong! 

all right thats all.. i haven't take my breakfast yet. hohoho..

until see you again
xoxo~ every bit of my heart, you are always the one i love ;-) 


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