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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers,

the clock ticking very fast nowadays. maybe because i got so much things to do this lately! i been the most busiest girl in a whole world. hahaha. since i been selected as an AJK. i forgot what that stands for. screw me.. Ahli Jawatankuasa is it? hehe.. ia kali sudah tu..  ok readers what had i been doing today? As far as you know i been one of the AJK surau. maksudnya tu kena uruskan segala apa yang ada di surau masani. memantau jika ada masalah arah surau. you also have to involve everything about keugamaan. any kind of events. it's some kind of commitment that i should do best. this is what i always wanted actually. ALLAH granted my pray. ALHAMDULILLAH! hopefully i can do it every of the jobs they gave me. Semoga ALLAH merahmati dan memberi kemudahan atas segala perkara yang dilakukan. next will be on malam Ahad. Mengadakan majlis 'malidur rasul' so all events will be organize by of the AJK members. Insyaa Allah.  

All right. now will stories with you all about activities that i did today with my friends.. kami ada pertandingan saringan syarafil anam. hahaha. it's funny that we had our practice last night only for one night stand! crazy right? last minute was something that i'm not favourite at all~ paling inda suka last minit. sakit jua suara eh olehnya. i don't have much to tell of you all about this. buat persembahan ala kadar dan kami buat persembahan ni macam mengajut because kami peserta yang numbor satu.. seorang-seorang nervous.. i'm a little bit nervous tapi indalah banyak nervous since its a group performance. biasa sudah. i love to involve this kind of things... 

These is us. Wanita-wanita muslimah yang paling cute.. bakal pilihan mama ni nanti. Insyaa ALLAH. and bakal wanita-wanita yang berjaya dalam kehidupan as Ustazah. Amin. Semoga dipermudahkan. Amin! =D

From left: 

Kaka M, Razalina, Nana (our beautiful leader), Me (hahaha :p), Nasibah and Akmal ^^,

This is my true friends.. Zatu and Ramona. Masatu kan kuliah ni bagi tutorial 07 bahasa Arab with Dr. EL Rasyid. We almost late for class but over all Alhamdulillah masih sampat bergambar hehe. Apa2 pun kami sentiasa chill walaupun mengantuk. we still can put the most cutest smile ever. As long as you smile people will never take your happiness from it. you always can smile whenever you like. Senyum itu boleh menguatkan mentaliti dan jiwa. dan boleh jua meruntuhkan orang yang membenci kitani. from that if you smile hati akan rasa senang. Insya Allah =D

Hahaha.. this is one of the jobless thing that i ever did so far. I miss you!! awuuuu i miss him so much! i can't control myself for stop missing him! he is beyond of my controlling drug addict. walau macamana pun friendship kami turn out  for being awkward, harsh to a good one. i want to talk and miss him! banyak quotes sudah that i read telling that i should move on and stop thinking about him.. oh man! inda menjadi eh. kuat aura tu ah for him, masa kelmarin tuuuu i was doing this, and then malam atu... i'm misscall him!! the reason why i miss him so much... fortunately, he send a message and said give 'salam' iatah masatu i being the most happiest girl ever! siuuuuk text sama ia! even how hard this will be. Oh ALLAH i like him more than anything. for this mean time yups! and maybe forever. i will promise that i will never break your heart. tragic love story... Insyaa Allah. 

oh my... so sleepy while writing this..



''Everything that has happened in my life so far has led in a different direction. I'll keep driving until i reach the end of the road''

baby i'm done, i gotta sleep! 
it will be all right,

xoxo, can you hear my heartbeat?


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