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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

it seem that i really can't stop writing right? Hehe... rajin sudah ya. Well i don't know what will be happen after i going back to my university life. That i will gonna be busy where i don't have time to spend writing in this blog.. ooouhhhh! Insyaa Allah i will try to write walaupun sedikit. Yang penting ada wireless lah ah. hehe. I don't know if i can write during my study time. non-stop busy lah this year. mana lagi hafazan that i should memorize dari ayat 1-48.. no play, play eh.. well i give my best shot! Insyaa Allah.. today i want to share for the last minute photoshot that i did this afternoon.. move on!! He the one who inspire me to move on since he   don't want to talk with me again. Yesterday i gave him something cute so he will straight up talk with me and said it's ok.. bla..bla..bla.. but yeah no response.. so now i know the position between me and him.. no dignity langsung! whatever. the best revenge is just stop talking with him and move on!! it's a cliche thing that happen to all guys outside there... their ego is unpredictable. sorry if i wrote like this. macam memburuk2kan pulang. hehe. sorry ok. all right change topic~~

so move on is the best thing that i should do. you know today i deleted all his messages in my phone thinking that he is someone i don't know anymore. yups. it's a hard thing to do for the first time but i have to do that so i don't be the pathetic girl who like this one guy who doesn't like me at all. so what to keep? it's a part where i learn all this lesson.. thank you! tapi sejujurnya rasa sayang masih ada and hoping and praying that he is the one for me. mungkin belum masanya. hehe. hoping to meet him again. anywhere and everywhere. it's funny when my friends said "he is not the one for you once he brokes your heart" ok just whip it... huhuhu.. and theres nothing to lose anywhere =) ........................................................ in the end ''move on"


since you been gone!! tinggalkan segala kisah lama!~~~ he said "tidak seperti dulu" hahaha.. if he found out my blog i think he will mad at me.. he will going crazy.. are u going to curse me? well this is my blog. i always write what i want. Thats why google invented the blog.. blog is to write. this is still not consider misused my dear. lain ler if i wrote your name and exposed everything about you. wawawaa.. so please don't be so mysterious. it's creep people out. why should you hide something that it's obviously there? people will know eventually. why if its happen if your girl friend that you will tell everyone? i know girl friend is someone special that you don't have to hide for.. but why not me? as a friend? i'm just curious.. inda ku faham sampai ani.. hahaha. ALLAH knews. so just leave it out. Thank you for breaking my heart. it's work, really. Biarlah karma yang menentukan. Biarlah Allah sahaja mengetahuinya.

~ Oh yeahhh finally i got my own PITCH PERFECT soundtrack. i took these all from torrent. Thank you for the share. I love it already. Have you guys watch this movie? it was awesome right? i can't stop watching it since then. inda pandai jara and boring.. acapella is sooo amazing. i wish i can do that... recommended this movie to those who still haven't watch this yet :D 

OK... this is me.. bolaaat usul ku eeee... what this picture trying to say is about how care i am to this world. banar kah tuuu??? no idea.. anyone who knows me maybe can explain this weather i'm care or not... so if you care for others...

1. You will give without thinking about what you will get in return.

2. You watch out for others.

3. You're kind.

4. You help those who are in need.

5. You think about other people's feelings 
(urr... this is awkward! i don't have any idea about this yet.)

i'm saying about the number 5 is because i still not sure yet... no answer for this. i being hurting people nowadays ahh.. am i right? well not YOU! not he... i don't care with that anymore. He is my past. He hurts me with his words.. lebih tajam dari pedang mulut dia itu. you should think about that first wahai manusia yang berjiwa seni. apa yg penting di sini. I AIN'T LIE if it's already the truth one. so that is why i hate being with a mysterious people. 

All right my last words before i ship to reality.... 


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