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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers,

one word: SAD!

i'm in a process of move on now. yes. move on for good. my heart totally throb by this guy name QAS! Apabila kitani menyukai seseorang dan ia inda inda suka sama kitani so the best thing to do is to let him go for good even though how hurts it is. (sigh) why is this happen to me? unlucky isn't it.. sabar sajalah. bukan  seperti dulu lagi. he totally changed drastically. he doesn't want to talk with me again. I guess he doesn't interested to talk with me again. oh yes do i not tell you that i throw all his numbers in my phone. this is just a beginning. it might that i will throw all his messages that we had before in Facebook inbox. that was the first time i friend with him and will be the last messages that i will throw away! i know i still couldn't control myself for thinking and finding him because he is the one i want to be with. i'm expected that we got the chance to be together. however ALLAH knows better. Allah lebih tahu perkara-perkara yang tersembunyi. Allah lebih tahu apa yang terbaik untuk hambanya. Allah lebih tahu hati seseorang hamba walaupun sedikit mana kitani sembunyikan. Allah lebih faham segala masalah yang terjadi arah kitani. ALLAH menguji sejauh mana kitani mampu menangani segala masalah yang dibaginya.Insyaa Allah aku sebagai manusia kena tabah menghadapi segalanya.

do u know what i'm doing besides writing? i'm listening to his new video cover. yes he sangs again which is i don't know what the reason behind it. my theory said that he maybe bored or he wants to test his guitar and sings skill again or he missed his ex girlfriend. i don't know and i don't want to know. the song was a bit slow and jiwang, macam orang putus cinta ada jua. atau merindui seseorang. more likely. i don't even care for both of the theories. for you that i hope you will be the most happiest guy in the whole world with the one you love. care her and don't hurts her like you did to me. even tah kitani dulu hanya bersahabat.. i know a little bit about u ok. and i don't even care at all! how many times does you hurts me? like maaaany! but biarkanlah..masatu sabar saja yang mampu aku lakukan sebab apa? sebab aku sayang ia. walaupun ia marah sebab kesalahan yang ku buat aku tetap sabar dan aku masih jua sayang ia. hargailah kalau ada orang yang kau cintai dan sayangi nanti...

ok i think thats all i want to say. i just want to let all out. sakit sangat bila move on banyak kali but i still can't stop thinking about him. i miss everything about him. well as my friend said to me that 'i deserve someone better' thank you to my friends who always be here with me. mendengar segala curhat yang sama sepanjang masa about the same person jualah ah. thank you Zatu and Ramona. The best girlfriends ever hehe. thank you for supporting me and the advises too. i really appreciate what you have done to me. and i will forget him once step at the time. Insyaa Allah. Yesterday i was just unfollow all his posts in my facebook but i'm not blocking him or what.. do you know that i plan to unfriend him but my heart said no.. and ok just go to the flow..

i should go now. i'm late for nothing :)

xoxo. goodbye old me and you.


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