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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers,

i presence to all of you...

I been listing this phone as an awesome phone ever. Masatu I saw this phone at Laracorp instagram photo and tarus jatuh cinta with this phone. Memang lawaaaa banar2.. is been planning to buy this phone and sell my galaxy tab 2.7 phone now. The cost of the phone is around $600 up. Belum plang ada  specific date bila keluarnya  tapi  boleh booking the phone if you interested. Waaaaaaaaaaah.. maybe I will wait the price of the phone fix around $500 maybe?? Oh my Samsung gadget influence me the most! Surprise me! It’s funny that I’m not interested with iphone that much! Hahaha. Suka sama Samsung very much!
Ok as far as I read all the all products features the galaxy camera are mostly created for camera! You take photo with it. Sebab tu namanya galaxy camera. 2 in 1 phone u know. You even call, whatsapp and in the same time you can take photos with it. Tapi yang ani lagi hebat macam digital camera. Waaah! It making me goosebumps because of the unique style! Bukan2 wahh otak drg ani ah.. tapi seriously the only special thing about this camera is because of the similarly with the camera digital tapi yang lainnya phone ani ialah boleh make phone call, wireless and so on. Yes like what i said just now. balik2 jua lah ah kan di explain.. tapi. lagi banyak tapi nya ni hahaha. kesian jua kalau di jual my galaxy tab 2.7 atu. sebabnya it was a gift from my dady as my birthday present. nanti dady kecil hati.. i don't know how am i gonna beg about this at my dad. 
nanti saja kali.. hahaha when the price drop indeed =D  

ok  i wanna share with all of you that today morning we got our class for the first time in January. We had our English Language 2. This year might be the most challenging subjects of all. We got the thing that you called speech and talk in front of your friends and present it to all of your friends. oh yes not to forget that you need to speak in English. atu banaarr. seriously i am not good with it. i still need to practice though. not that i'm all fear with all of this. Only afraid of being idealess what to talk after it. i will going to find something interesting for my topic. Ustazah will give the task to all of us on what to write and present. Phew! and yes Ustazah said this month and next month will be the busiest day ever. kami mengadakan sesi latihan untuk hari kebangsaan. atu naaaar. ok! we will stand under the hot sun.. so i might be get ready with my SUN BLOCK with high SPF! takuttttt hitammmm... --""

This is us at class B1:04! we had our English language with Ustazah Hjh Saadiah. kami semangat banar. this semester seorang2 dah ada aim what to target. this 2nd year semester will be the most challenging ever. so we must get ready at least by now. how about me? yes!! i am ready for all of this but sometime the laziness couldn't resist after all. macamana kan tu? so i must fight to get the best result in the end of our exam right? well at least i got a high PNGK for my result. I mean more than what i'm achieve last year. Insyaa Allah. Masani we actually should be ready for memorize all the Surah al-Baqarah from ayat 1-48! Sebenarnyalah ah. tapi what i see as perspective of my own self  that i'm not too worry about it yet. Astagfirullahalazim! hafazan is something that i should work hard for it. mun surah yang lain lagi alum master banar apatah lagi surau panjang macamani. Ya ALLAH permudahkan segalanya. I can do it. Do this for ALLAH. Ilmu ani lebih bermanfaat. so as a student that will be as the next generation must work hard for this. Aja Aja Fighting. Bittaufiq wanajjah =) 

waaaaa. i miss them so much. this is me with umi and zyrah. they're my bestiee since primary school! we had been a good friends since now. these pictures are when we took it together during one month holiday. kami hang out together. we had our late breakfast at Excapade. i treated them since masatu elaun kupusb keluar dah hehe. so excited eh jumpa durang.. we laugh and share stories together. we even go shopping together! apa lagi? we hang out at Jerudong Park too!~~ banyak bergambar jualah ah sebab kami semua ni photogenic bah. oh yes not to forget we went for window shopping for make up. we went to ETUDE and Holika Holika. i love ETUDE so much! i bought the eyeliners there sebab murah compare with Silky girl! so i'm fell in love with Etude now ^^ i miss this moment so much. Manakan inda we haven't meet for almost 3 years already! then i decide that we should hang out like this 5 years from now. Hahaha. bila semua sudah kahwin. then we going to window shopping all the mommy' stuff together. HAHAHAHA. i can't yet imagine how funny it will be. Adakah. macam-macam saja. Insyaa Allah if one of us will get marry we will invited  each other and vice versa. Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for being with me whenever i needed you girls the most. You girls will always be my friends dunia dan akhirat. Insyaa Allah. Semoga kitani berjaya                                                                                                                                                   menumpuhi alam universiti and in the future will be the most part of our life. We can do it! 

9th January 2013
Not to forget.... a special greeting goes to my friend, Zyrah. happy birthday to you my dear friends. A pray for happiness for you with longevity and prosperity. I love you Zie. i never been so happy to be friend with you. i never regret for each day for having a special friend like you. Gomowo chingu!! wink! wink! ^^* ok that beautiful cupcake especially for my bestfriend, Azierah!~~ Enjoy that lovely cupcakes of yours. hehehe. lawaaaa! tukar-tukar warna bah cupcake nya. Love you zieeeeee. Take care whenever you are which i knew that you are not in Kedah. Enjoy your moment in Kedah ah.. we always pray for your safety. Semoga berjayaaa!~ You can do it =D


As far as i concern about myself is that i must be happy for myself even how hurts this heart had been! ok i being uncreative for writing about this again. makin kuat dilupakan, makin kuat ia datang dalam fikiran ani. terutamanya bila everything feels empty. mesti ia ada dalam fikiran. how to forget this? i  try to move on already but you know what i think i can't resist my temptation for visiting his FB profile! is that normal. However,  i threw all his messages in my whatsapp. i know it kinda harsh. if i rethink it buat apa jua difikirkan. i don't care anymore laaaa. daripada di simpan lebih baik di buang. end of story and thank you. so i love being happy!~ today: happy, tomorrow: happy, everyday: happy :)))) yang penting kosongkan jiwa ani dengan banyak beribadah and yes ingat lah ALLAH selalu. Insyaa Allah happy. Hahaha. Oh goodness i miss him actually. Atu memang perkara biasa kan.. whatever! rasakan dibagitahu arah ia that i miss him but it will be the most stupid thing that i ever do. All right. yang penting "buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih" to you Mr complicated guy ( i miss calling him his name that i created for him, well i will not going to tell you here. since that name was only for him. so it kinda special lah ah ) i shall pray for your happiness. don't think too much. soon you will get what you want for your whole life. less stress by breathe! and not to forget that you should smiling before it's too late QAS. "adakah saya punya harapan untuk mendapatkan kasih sayang daripadanya? walaupun saya tahu hati nya tidak semudah itu mengatakan sayang kerana kisah lamanya menghimpit segala rasa sayang itu terhadap yang lain. bolehkah dia memberi saya peluang untuk membuktikan betapa sayangnya saya kepadanya?" all right. is it too over reacting? hahaha. biarlah ALLAH yang menentukan segalanya. chill saja ahh!~ kalau ia boleh chill. i can chill too =D

40 minutes to go before our kuliah. kami ada kokurikulum this afternoon at 3! i don't spend myself sleeping but writing in my blog. since now i will write if theres wireless with me. and writing during my free time. you know i love to write right?? so see you again for my next post. thank you for spending your time here reading my blog. sorry for the mix up words. sekajab speaking. sekajab melayu. hahaha kebisaan bah ah. i am comfortable doing it. bah. i gotta go. i need to get ready before it's too late.

tell me, are you single ladies..dis..dis.. dis?
let's get started.

xoxo, lot's of the fishes in the tank! 


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