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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers, how are you all doing today?

me?  i am super fine even how hard i'm try to be fine. Alhamdulillah at least i got friends here to comfort and being happy for who i am now rather be gloomy thinking of someone who doesn't worth any kind of penny from me! seriously it's kinda hurting me laaaa. hahaha pagi-pagi lagi kan bercurhat ni. awuu! malas jua kan bercurhat arah kawan. takut keboringan durang mendengar hahaha.

so the best thing to do is write in this blog and let it all go~! when it's hurt i can't even stop thinkin about it once in a while. however, i will try as HARD AS I CAN forgettin you from now on. why? giving up already? NOOO! i am not giving up over him yet. it just that LET IT BE. kalau macamatu cerita kami, macamatulah.. ALLAH only knews everything. so be happy. kalau dah jodoh tidak ke mana tu. if he can, i am surely can do it as what he could do! and more of it! so let it go this time. inda berbaloi memikirkan benda macamani ni. sakit saja hati ah. The quotes said "HARD TO MOVE ON, WHEN WHAT I FEEL IS THIS STRONG" hmmm.. yeahh maybe jua kaliahh. tapi i can move on ehh.. with the help of myself and pray. Memang kadang2 terbawa feeling yang ke jiwa ani. tapi we have to move on no matter what find something that worth to do rather than thinking and doing something that ended my life catastrophe. Allah inda suka lalai pasal benda remeh temeh ni. Hasutan syaitan. hehehe i will always trying to motivate myself so i can live longer and happy for all the time! whatever? =D

Hahaha luckily there is WIRELESS this morning and thinking to write as fast as i can.. so yups... as what this  photo said... LET IT GO! kalau ku dirumah ku buat ni macamani using my own hands because being creative is an awesome feeling... hehe :)) OK you know me more than reader. you know i'm frustrated over one of this complicated guy! so beyond whatever i think about him! so the best thing about letting everything go is deleting all his messages in my phone and his number phone too! mungkin kalau ku sasak jua ku remove tarus facebook nya! kalau sakit hati memikirkan pasal ia saja. hahaha  tapi pandai jua lah ah i reduce my feeling toward him. I CAN DO IT! i don't want to force myself in this situation unless if he talk with me first. well he ever said to me that "i don't think i'm text anyone first if theres nothing important to talk" i mean EGO juaa! banarrr.... tapi ia jua yang text kan dulu masa 3 days ago! WTF! kamu inda sakit hati kan tu? ok as a human being plus i am a girl i couldn't understand him at all. kenapaaa? because he doesn't let me to understand him! oh goodness i feel like i'm going to giving up everything about this stupid and foolish things that ever happen to me for whole life! sound giving up already ah.. walaupun tadi cakap inda fade up pasal ani. sedikit lah. ok do i sound mad at here? macam emosi ah... ok stop =P

I born to be smile. I like to smile to anyone i see. even tah with guys. i smile. That was the best feeling that i ever did to someone i don't know who i smile with. kan senyum itu satu sedekah. senyum itu amal. senyum itu adalah normal. some sort saying that when you smile, you always look beautiful. Menyamankan hati orang adalah satu sedekah to me pahala yang luar biasa yang ALLAH bagi. Alhamdulillah. ok it's 15 MINUTES LEFT! kan solat dhuha.. yes we have dhuha after this.. so i must write faster as i can.. bla..bla..bla.. smile like you've i never been hurt. thats it. simple yet its soo pretty to get it along. so when you read my post try to smile even someone throb your heart this morning. bukan buat kerja gila kalau putus cinta atau putus harapan kepada apa atau sesiapa ok. Trust Allah for everything. ok? =))

At last but not least...... 'THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES QAS' so QAS is his short name that i couldn't write his full name in here. you been such a goood friend to me. i never been regret saying that I LIKE YOU for this time. i still like you no matter what. Kalau ALLAH takdir that i will be with you, Insyaa Allah i will be the happiest human being after all. If i am not faith to be with you i shall pray for every happiness what you do. Forgive and forget the most easiest one in this whole life. daripada sakit hati lebih baik kita lupa dan maafkan segala perbuatan yang telah dia dan saya lakukan.. ALLAH shall give me an answer for every problem i got.. Thank you ALLAH =D


xoxo. i love all of you! 


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