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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Assalammualaikum dear readers,

Alhamdulillah. i'm back! now we step the next new month, February! more challenging new life ahead, new environments, new things and new heart! waaaah happy ni usulnya. indalah happy sangat. pretending to be happy is good, so that nobody knows how your heart going on now. well for most i love to talk what i like, so that i can tell it through my enchanted heart to my lovely friends... apa yang ada dalam hati ani not only i talked with friends but i always open my heart through writing in here. i don't care what people going to say about me. i write what i like. so whatever you know =) 

(me with Ramona, today during Hadith ahkam class.. sekali class nya ani inda tia jadi.. toink! semangat sudah tu kan belajar hahaha) 

So how was my February ? how was my heart? well... i don't know what and which yet. My February kinda on and off. so far, bulan februari lah banyak ujian. example? we got a lot of activities for the national day. we dance at the field.. berpanas! well, that's ok though, maybe this is will be my once in a life time participation. until that malas tah ku kan ikut lagi... kuliah banyak terkacau! my presentation have not started yet. inda ku sabar kan habis kan semua presentation ku atu! hopefully next week it is! :) In syaa Allah~ pray for me. other than performing the dance, so far yes after the national day event we will got 1 week holiday. noooo don't be relax just yet because i have to observe one of the Islamic school.. siuk eh! banaaar.. the siuk part is  yes i got to collect all different kind of new experience that i never did before and then yang kurang siuk or maybe awkward.. i was partner with 'A GUY!' Mashaa Allah... i know pulang siapa ia.. the problem is how can i handle it? Masha Allah malas ana mahu memikirkan benda ani. yang penting kerja siap, ada kefahaman antara satu sama yang lain, boleh bawa berbincang and yes extra good mark baby! inda apa lah... chill saja. ALLAH dah tentukan dan tempatkan.  And of course, inilah yang terbaik.. peace ^^v

Hey! let's continue... hmmmm. let's talk about heart ( apani always talking about heart! hahaha.. same page, same new story) i being so drama queen bah masani. aloooo... comfort zone ku hilang sudah. mana inda memikirkan heart saja... so far my old heart far gone even though we still talked.. kadang2 cakap, kadang2 inda, kadang2 menyamal, kadang2 boring, kadang2 happy, kadang2 teremosi, kadang2 salah sangka, kadang2 feeling so awkward, kadang2 being so close....ayoo berapa banyak kadang2 ni? huhu.. atu lah how  i am describing about that complicated guy! once you be inside that person life you need to get ready mentally and physically. don't ever hurt that persons' heart. danger sedikit. hahaha tapi kalau ada org yang ia suka i think he can handle it everything. no worries.  In shaa Allah. i always pray good for you. and now i will start my everyday off with a smile. At least it will be totally a good start~ 

.....hati kian tidak menentu apabila sesorang yang kita sukai tidak menghiraukan perasaan diri ini. hati rasa ingin dimiliki tetapi apakan daya si dia tidak menghiraukan perasaan diri ini. bagaimana perlu ku harus dapati segalanya apabila hati ku ini sangat kuat menyalami lautan yang dalam untuk mendapatkan hati mu? 

woiseeeh... deep jua kata2 pujangga jiwang ani. no one understand what you saying laa... worldwide lagi ni membaca post ku ani. biar tia. the most important thing is i need to let all this out.. so everything that keep me going to think something that i'm  not comforting at all at least i try to let it go.. let's make things easy wahh :)

So let us in a new chapter for the sake of ALLAH.. By remember ALLAH hati sudah tenang ok.. apatah lagi zikrullah banyak2.. In sha Allah with your eyes close, you will easily being so calm.. think! think! what are you gonna write next? out of idea laaa.. my new chapter is i know this one guy.. he is very nice and funny! he is so much different like the first guy i knew. he is spontaneous, i like his accent, i like his cute hat, i like his eyes, he cares so much, he shares anything he wants to share, he is funny cute guy! he likes to play football, my seniors... thank you for being here with me. thank you for being so gentleman to me. thank you for everything. hopefully this friendship can be last longer whenever it will be lasted. atu saja yang aku boleh cakap. nanti dia marah... i don't want to make the same mistake like what i did before. i'm forbid! hahaha =D

waaaaaaaaaa... my favourite singer! i actually didn't know who he is until my friend gave the song 'believe' to me. she wants me to listen the song. sekalinya addicted tia jadinya until i gave one of the song called 'believe' to him. i want him to listen and understand the lyrics. and the rest i don't know what he will gonna react and say. whatever... maybe that will be the last.. one of the lyrics saying 'hello heart, let me in, all your cracks, i'm gonna mend' ... beside that the lyrics said 'i'm gonna make you try again, put your faith in me' hahahha. ok bunyinya macam 'accept me, be with me' crazy!! if only he can figure that out.. that is how i tell it to that person. if he get it, he won't say anything even how hard i try to ask him how... once again 'whatever' yang penting i gave the song to him already. ok.. you guys should try listen it too.. it was all great!! i download the rest song by Travis Garland such as glowstick, love or die, broken, all about you, let me know etc etc... additionally, i love his melodious sexy voice.. the genre connected with me.. aku sukaaaaaa. hahahaha *overjoyed* pasal ani~ =)

Lastly, don't worry be happy.. i love this quotes so much! it remind me when i was in year 1, semester 1.. kalau stress atau banyak benda kan difikirkan this quotes always in my head... it helps me to reduce the stress level.. well some part of it. however most of the important thing is pray 5 times a day everyday! hehe. jika mahu hidup bahagia, kenalah aturkan tata cara hidup mu dulu. In shaa Allah terjamin segala kebahagiaan mu kelak. woiseeehman.. banar tah tu... banarrr! 

All right i think i should stop writing now... kalau inda ni inda mau beranti karang. brain stuck and fatigue of panda eyes... kciaaan (love this word so much, a word by this new guy i like the most) hey you, no worries. my heart is still for you..but please don't hurt me too much, don't lie to me. stay strong. 

ok... i should stop now =)

xoxo. it's not gonna be too late, we still got each of chance to fix everything. Ma'salamah!~ 


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