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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers,

It's been awhile i haven't updating my blog. Things get so slightly busy with works and college. Assignments that got no ending. bla...bla..bla.. let's skip this since i'm in holiday now. yes holiday, for TWO MONTHS! awesome yeah! hahaha. sorry if i'm rarely putting all my stories at here since i got no times to visit here. My works passing my line through my times. it such a shame that i promise to write but instead of that i am not. sorry.. ok just forget about my college, my memories, my exam and etc etc... be on the line and straight to the point. 

3 words, i lost my time without you..... I MISS YOU! 


Do you know that i'm going out with someone until now since i haven't talk with Mr Q and Mr H anymore. Yeah, i am. He is a new guy. We have been together for three months. basically we are not couple for sure because we both request for not doing so. We are just close friends. We hang out when we want to. I treated him breakfast and lunch.. i gift him a running man t's and i lent him money. i sacrifice every inch for him because he is someone special in my life. For sure we are not that boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. we are happy like this. well i like him, indeed.. hmmm sometimes. hahaha. so lets stay friends. its much better. i'm avoiding from a broken-hearted sh*t! hahaha. its damn hurt dude... i don't want to feel it anymore. Enough for this. Being friends is good than being in a relationship. once i get my perfect man, i will marry him u know. i marry him legally.. my prince and my imam. i believe what ALLAH plan for me. I believe i will get my perfect man when ALLAH know that i can handle it. so why do i have to be afraid? i am not desperately needed a boy for my life even i know it seem not enough. 

One fact that i know is that "smiling is a best remedy of all in our life" so smile, forget all those bad memories, start a new day, love everyone, be peace and remember our creation. and yes be good with people too. think positive :) 

I don't want to talk that and this...

p.s: i love you, readers. thats a wrap.see you. to be continue :)


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♥just smile
9:08 PM