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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Assalammualaikum readers,

here i am again, visiting the same cute blog of mine to share the same old boring story. aaaaaaaaaaa.. i don't know the right word to describe how i felt right now. can i have a long vacation at least? i'm craving one ticket to stay away from home and people i know. i wanna try to be happy because i deserve to be happy. i want to forget some other people who gives my times so hard. i was in a difficult situation where i don't know any idea what to do. i tried myself like almost a million time to forget of this person, however it was really a disappointing. hooooooooooooow? *screaming out loud* i know he doesn't deserve to be with me, either myself. well... i still forcing my brain to put inside my head. His face, his cute smile, janggut nya panjang atu, his cute melodious voice, his great motivational advises, his charming eyes that make my heart goes wild and more of them. this is a torture love story and i don't know when it ends.. (unless if i want to end it myself) hehe.. 

you been stabbed my heart so badly with one rose and my heart felt by a million of roses by you.. tell me what should i do? because..............................

.......... this quotes said so. "it's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember" i tried to run off to all this problems. sometimes the more i tried to forget him the more it come across my mind. i seriously want to said to myself "ok, i should move on, forget him, and ignores it, hate him or he already hurt yourself so why should you still pampered yourself to think of someone who never appreciate how you feel" can you think of the logic there? THINK! 

who is the first one who leave you? answer my question... ME! ok. 
who is the first one who confessed all of the heart on the person you love? ME! 
Who is the first one who said that i should blocked his Facebook? ME! 
who gives all those decision to forget the person? ME! 

So why do i still chase all over him and he never even think of you any of it. if he remembered you he will go for you. and why should me? why should i go for him when i decide to leave him for the first place? why? because i hoped for one thing for him. 'LOVE' I love him, i confessed to him that i like him. but kenapa lagi "sebab saya mengharapkan lebih daripada si dia" do you know how is it feel there.. everything is on ME! you decide to forget.. and now you decide to remember him again? wtf Atykah? ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... you see there right? don't be like this. don't crash yourself Atykah. just be strong... this is just a some part of your acting worst memories. come on. there is not only one guy in this world.. go for others... and don't be that desperate... and don't be sorry. i think you did the right thing to forget him and leave on the right moment. Isbir. do you know that i put his photo and myself during his graduation day at the ICC. pheww. the first day i met him. macam apa! yes i put our photo as my phone wallpaper.. pathetic and you making it worst. why do you do that so? because i want to. puh..lis lah delete saja.... i hate those feeling. sincerely my heart.. 


Sorry to say, i once addicted to you since i first saw you in Facebook. Is trying to hold my heart tightly so i will never want to fall in love with you... but i did! i hate that... you makes me to fall in love with you. you  who make me crazy! it hurt me so badly =(  ok be patient.... 

how to said this? who am i to force you to love me? i think i should let everything go... let all this pain away by forget everything... i been wasting my time to think of someone who never want me at all. i don't let myself into it. might be i rush everything on him. He, who doesn't appreciate my heart. Me, who hoped too much. so goodbye is the best way to forget him? is this the last thing i will talk about him? will see how things going on... 

......................................... silence!......................................... on!......................... off!...............................

................... is hoping and pray.....................

):............................... forget you. Like you forgot me.................... :(

...... i think i should go to the flow... hoping one day he will realized my existance... thats all... thank you for being in part of my life. thank you for tough me to live on even how hard it is.. maybe i don't understand a lot more about you... i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo regret but then i should forgot all about it. 


heart-broken little fragile girl who got sensitive all the time...


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