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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Assalammualaikum dear readers.

Alhamdulillah the wireless is still connecting since last night until now. so i decided to update my blog just for a while.. i was actually waiting for my breakfast hahaha. okey hmmm first of all you should know that i am not with this guy name Mr Q anymore.. why? long story.. i shouldn't tell you here and wrote it the whole things because i was so lazy to write one. it was so harsh and do you know how is it feel for being heartbroken? it was lame, stupid and i got no idea at all. well i felt relieve to death right now after what he did to me.. thank you very much. you tough me to be strong, move on and kenal erti kehidupan. At least i know the real you. i least you know who i am..it actually really disappoint me because i was really can't believe it will be ended up like that. involving third person in this cast without told it by his own mouth. gila eh. but then i doesn't care with it anymore. past is past. Mr Q will be erase in my story and it was starting two days ago. i shall not going angau over you, or talk about you and think about u in my sleep because i don't deserve anything that involving about you. i don't deserve a guy like you. btw, hilang respect dan sayang ku arah mu eh. just like that. it was really funny hahaha. you know when yesterday you felt in love with the guy and all of the sudden the guy was only our history that passed by in out life. memang namanya liku-liku kehidupan. kalau hidup semuanya sama, mana ada siuk. at least Allah gives me something that can open my eyes. and knows what exactly life is this. this is only the beginning. doesn't compare a love story like romeo and juliet, habibie dan ainun or Aladdin and Jasmine. hahaha.. see. my whole story is a lot of different. mana ada sama. 

so let be in a new day and new me. semoga suatu hari nanti Allah akan berikan yang lebih terbaik daripada yang sebelumnya. i believe in Allah plan.. totally 100% inda payah fikir banyak-banyak. i been heartbroken today but someday i will be happy. hoping my love story will be the last. it was a bit tiring to fall in love with a wrong person. hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu. 

ooohk it 7 am and i'm actually hungry.. hahaha. i got class after this. ok my friends just told me to take breakfast. so bye...


♥just smile
7:01 AM