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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Assalammualaikum everyone,

Alhamdulillah baru ada masa kan update this blog.. it such been a long time to write and update..huhu. macam biasa hidup ini sentiasa di dalam kesibukan. and indeed i am busy. masani pun busy.. i got exam for two weeks and it will end tomorrow.. esok last paper yoh! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! and then everything will be freedom. Alhamdulillah. i will have this 5 eternity vacation at Malaysia! rawwww i can't wait. super can't wait for my holidays.. i listed a lot for what i should do during the holidays. hopefully everything will be smoothly done dengan segala plan yang sudah di rancang. Amin.. i am smiling widely right now. hehe. super duper excited....

ok whats now? whats my latest story?                

so, after i been heart broken by the name of QAS! i'm now moving on.. i hate that person so much.. literally! he is soooooo barbaric! " betapa kejam ganasnya chi!" hey i guess that guy tiada hati kesihan terhadap perempuan lah kan. oh my.. i am so stupid for getting to know you! IT WAS SO DISSAPOINTED ME! entah lah kau.. i prayed the best for you yeah.. you know whats karma is QAS? hmmmm... just wait and see. ALLAH maha Adil. you been hurt my heart by your cruelest stupid words! "maaf QAS i think i been wasted my time by getting to know a person like you. but then i thanked to you, at least i learned something from you.. "jika ini memang yang terbaik untuk diriku, kan ku terima semua demi kebaikan ku" it was not easy to forget you. it need time. tapi asal saja i'm thinking of you whats my mind always think is, to hatred you. sakit hatiku dude.... entah lah! whatever.. you with your life, i'm with my life. the end...

so hows now? 

Dalam minggu proses move on ni, i still not give up la. i accept everything that come out in my life. yang happy, yang sad. semua.. then now i'm okay. i friends with two important person now.. when i believe that ALLAH will given us the test for getting to know the wrong person first until ALLAH will give the right person to us. i don't know who he is tetapi apa yang kita perlu lakukan adalah bersabar dan berdoa. since then i knew these two guys.. randomly. the first one was introduce by a friend of mine.. but we're just friends.. and same goes with this guy i knew from wechat.. Masha ALLAH both are good to describe.. they makes my heart calm sampai terindu2.. hahaha. maksud rindu bukan kerana cinta, kerana kebaikan dan keikhlasan durang. bukan kerana keterpaksaan. Alhamdulillah. May there will be more wise till the end. yang penting dalam berkawan mesti ada kesabaran. mesti bertolak ansur and respect for each other. respect hati lelaki and lelaki perlu respect hati perempuan. bukan hurting the girl heart. yang penting kaum perempuan perlu di jaga dan di bimbing.. wahai lelaki, jangan sepah dibuang kalau tidak guna akan seseorang itu. hehehe. 

hopefully ALLAH will answer my prayer for good deeds that come to my life. berjaya dunia akhirat. Amin. Usaha itu perlu :) 

so i guess thats all from me now..
see you till next time.



♥just smile
3:06 PM