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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

......my blog so much.

Omg it's been a year in a half i haven't update this thing. Regarding of my busiest schedule as a students make me forgot to write on here. Poor blog. It's weird that i still remember that i have a blog. hahaha. so why not to update once in a while since i really got nothing to do. yaa.. it been a pressure time last year and half of this year. I got busy with my school, assignments and teaching. However, i have a super long free time now to be able updating and writing. 

And yes.....

hello  Vinyl Lettering Word Door or Wall Art by TheVinylCompany, $6.00 - Would be super cute on a fun-colored door!

Beside that, i also working hard to change myself. I change mentally and psychically through all over my body.  I lose weight for 20 kgs from 73kg down to 52kg now. Hahaha.. aren't that an amazing achievement? i didn't believe on myself too. If you want to know more you can just follow my instagram at @atykah_50kg ya. You will see my achievement for a year and half now. It was really feel great. I proud of this work hard and persistence through out the year. I hope it will give some inspiration to all people out there. 

First fitness art for 2015! Yay!  #arthlete

You just really need to #pushyourself 


and #keepgoing

Ok... that a short story of my journey. i won't write that long hahaha. I just update a bit of it. 

Other than this positive, fascinating, greatest, enthusiastic journey i have an opposite sad, heart-breaking, pathetic and sick of heart story to share too hahaha.. 

Roses are red, violets are blue  I wish to be numb, for a day or two  Take my heart, I don't want it today  But tomorrow is a different day
Frankly i'm saying that i knew a lot of guys.. since i got in to university. I have a crush on him, this senior, my friends and so many of them. I am such a player and i'm easily fell in love type of person. well the type of player is not about i change to this guys all over again. its just that i don't stick with only one person like every couples out there. I easily have crush on someone and i'm always the one who put the first step to tell how i feel toward the guys i like. So naive and embarrassing. Namanya suka kan. kalau sudah suka (tanpa iman dan kesabaran di dada) i will tell the person directly. I known about ten guys in total that i been contacted with. #ugggh i have not meet my soulmate yet. Mostly those guys who likes me, i'm kinda of not appreciate what they did to me. Ada yang suka. likewise. but my parents doesn't like him at all. So i have to break up the relationship. (susah kan) kalau lihat pada diri sendiri pun i'm admit that i am not that special. i'm not sure now. Mungkin Allah nampak that i still have not ready to commit all this problem yet. Masih perlu banyak belajar. Masih perlu banyak perbaiki diri in term of ibadah, iman dan segala-galanya. And now i'm single and solo. Deep and free. Hahaha.. i have a crush on someone (again?) yes. But i will manage this differently ok. Dear HR, you may not read this (i'm sure 100%) i will like you from far away and love you silently. (suka arah someone diam2 tu sakit ye hati tapi biarkan saja. who cares. if you love someone the only u can do is be patient. A magical will happen soon or late but never. kalau never that means bukan jodoh. ALLAH knows) If you'te the one may Allah will meet us in a right time (semoga jodoh) Aamin. 

Hmmm kalau sudah cerita pasal jodoh, panjang lebar punya cerita hahaha. so cliche of this topic and story to share here. Curhat tak sudah. 

Now i already finished my exam. I seriously got nothing to do. We have a long holiday until graduation i guess. I need to find a job! i need to do something. Daripada duduk-duduk atas katil buat benda 'unproductive' or waiting for 4.30pm to do my workout routine. hahaha. (well buat senaman dan exercise is a great thing ok) keep do it. Hari ni mesti buat. Sebab kelmarin sudah 'rest day' today and tomorrow will bad-ass day. hahaha.. ok then. thats all from me now. i will write again if i have a heart and soul to write more. It always depends on my mood. 


♥just smile
12:43 PM