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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

2017 already!

satu tahun ni inda update apa-apa post. why? penyakit M. haha. selalunya kalau kan curhat i prefer to use twitter. tapi now inda tau kenapa terpanggil lagi kan update my precious blog ni. do u know one of my wishlist is to stop blogging when i was 25 but now i'm 27! yup. i still love my blog then hehehe. berat hati kan buang. i been a blogger since in 2009. sayang jua di buang. teruskan saja menulis. atu pun kalau datang lah rajin nya atau ada something kan di ceritakan. Dari tadi browsing kan tukar template. susah haha. semua template yang lawa-lawa mesti bayar. sedikit saja yang free. template yang ani nampaknya mcm messy. i don't know what is wrong with the letters up there. sigh. 

so why i want to write now. It is because i want to share about this book. so inspiring lah this woman. dia kahwin awal. (kawin muda) and a successful business woman. i want to be like her someday. ia ada butik sendiri sudah. umur berapa tahun sudah pandai buka bisnis and wow. so inspiring. now anaknya ada 3 orang sudah. i really envy with her life. Alhamdulillah. i am envy of her in a good way. of course lah di dalam lubuk hati ani ada rasa kan mau macam ia. awal atau lambat. Rezeki Allah ada di mana-mana. I always pray what good for her. such a lovely person. Anak2nya semua cute. hehe. She has a really supportive husband. I hope i will have this kind of husband who support me ups and downs. Aamiin. Overall, siuklah ikut perkembangan nya ni sama ada di ig atau blog nya. The person i'm writing about is Irine Nadia.💚 

Tadaa.. i even bought and read her book. siuklah baca. you all should buy this inspiring book. Di sana perasaan kamu akan terbawa dalam hati kamu. tiba-tiba kan buat something positive in you. of course my life is not the same as her. just remember that rezeki Allah tu ada di mana-mana asal sabar dan usaha. i know irine jua merasa perit nya dalam perniagaan dan rumahtangga but she always take it in a positive way. Don't u think she is the best. yes she is. senyum-senyum membaca hahaha. I hope Irine terus berjaya, dimurahkan rezeki dan bahagia bersama keluarga nya yang tersayang. Aamin. thank you irine. you inspired me a lot. keep blogging ya.

Ignore that goblin hahaha. siuk-siuk download lupa minimise hahaha. goblin. sigh. my favourite kdrama ever. i miss it already 😔💗

your love.

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