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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Don't forget to breath first....

For the past 2 months was phenomenal months to me. Why? I been watching a kdrama called 'suspicious partner'/ 'love in trouble'. I watch this kdrama because of JI CHANG WOOK. Yes him. Since this is his first romantic comedy kdrama. I was really excited to see him bringing that kind of genre. And i tell you he nailed it. He's a charismatic, good-looking and talented actor! why not right? hahaha. 

Even though suspicious partner was already ended, i still can't move on yet! Help me! I keep on checking out his latest news, follow ji chang wook's fanbase and spazzing about him all day long. Crazy! i think it's just a normal fangirl like me. I love all my korean actors so it's natural. 

Do you know Ji Chang Wook's co-star NAM JI HYUN? Duh.. of course! hahaha. I don't know. There is something special about her. I didn't know her until she's with ji chang wook in suspicious partner. Well... i tell you. SHE IS PRETTY, INNOCENT AND CUTE. I don't know how to describe specifically. What i know is, my heart said that i fell in love with her. I wanna be her friend. Urrr.... Everyone want to be her friends hehe. 

(You guys should watch SP Behind-the-scene. Their chemistry are no jokes. I felt they're in a relationship in real life. I don't know how can they pulled off their characters so well. I know this is their jobs  and they need to do well on screen. However, these #jibongcouple #jijicouple are so different. I felt strange. Aww. I wish one day there will be a dating/marriage news about them. I don't want to put too much expectation over them. Nevertheless let's keep praying one day they will be together hehe)

p.s: Jichangwook will be enlist in the army in August, 14 2017 until May 2019 😔 okey don't cry. Let's keep support him. May he be healthy and comeback for more dramas in the future. 

Actually i want to give you JI CHANG WOOK vs SUSPICIOUS PARTNER desktop wallpaper. I made it myself using Canva. I hope you all will love it💗

(You guys can have it all. I love Ji Chang Wook and Suspicious Partner. Since i'm still in holiday moods so i fit my time did these instead. I'm happy whatever i did for Ji Chang Wook. Enjoy😍)



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